Stop Binge Eating With A Personal Check In

A lot of the coaching clients I work with enjoy this technique I have to share with you today for your bulimia recovery. The Personal Check In The personal check in is an emotional status check with yourself.  Watch this stop binge eating video to learn m... read more Read More

Share Your Eating Disorder Secret – It Helps!

If you’re living with the secret of anorexia or bulimia, please understand your eating disorder behaviors thrive on your shame. The more you isolate yourself, the more you keep it a secret, the more it leads to suffering. If you haven’t heard ... read more Read More

Want to know how to stop bulimia forever?

Want to know how to stop bulimia? Great, I have an answer to that! A lot of the women who contact me for coaching – or who just want some simple advice – for how to stop bulimia have three things in common. #1 – They’ve had bulimia for ... read more Read More

Bulimia Help Tip: Nourishing Your Body

This is a guest post by friend and holistic recovery & health coach, Pauline Hanuise. When I started to recover from my 15 years of struggle with bulimia, learning about nutrition and how my body worked played a crucial role. I started to do lots of r... read more Read More

Bulimia Support Group & Coaching Calls

I’m in the midst of starting up what I hope will become a huge network of bulimia support group calls (and all ED’s really).  If you’re not on my newsletter, you may not have seen my message about these calls, so I figure I might as well... read more Read More

Empowerment Thinking: Choose Your Thoughts

What if I told you you were a meaning making machine? You go around through your day making meaning of all of the things you see and that come into your life. In every situation your mind is giving meaning to the things that are happening in your life. Go... read more Read More

Bulimia and Serotonin

Today is all about one of my favorite secrets to overcoming bulimia and eating disorders. Serotonin. Now this isn’t to say that you just need to pop a pill filled with serotonin and your bulimia or anorexia will disappear.  Please let me be clear a... read more Read More

Understanding Shame and Vulnerability

I listened to this amazing TEDx Talk from a charming woman from Houston, Dr. Brene Brown, about the distinctions between shame and guilt and her study of vulnerability (embedded videos below). I highly recommend a listen to both of her TED talks because t... read more Read More