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Your Success Mindset and Eating Disorder Recovery Coach

My name is Polly Mertens and I am a success mindset coach and inspirational speaker.  After recovering from 20 years with bulimia, I’ve made it my mission to help millions of women searching for that “missing key” to finally achieve lasting recovery. Most of my clients have had an eating disorder for 10 or more years…often 20+ years.  I surround myself with those who have tried everything, are ready for a breakthrough and are ready to do the inner work.

If you’re searching for a coach to help you stop bulimia or make another big change in your life, I want to acknowledge you because you’re in action and I wish you the best wherever you are on your journey.

It is ab-so-lute-ly possible to overcome bulimia, anorexia, or any other binge eating disorder and I am a witness to many eating disorder success stories.

Life Re-Started for Me in 2005

I had bulimia for 20 years and have been in complete recovery since 2005. I’m so thankful for the many teachers, coaches, mentors and infinite guidance I’ve learned from.  I appreciate my ever-unfolding life and the freedom I’ve experience from the overwhelming struggle I used to face with food and body issues.

When I’m not working on my blog, helping women as their life or bulimia recovery coach, hosting a podcast, giving a talk to a sorority, business group or women’s circle,  you’ll find me out on the trails training for my next race like Spartan, Tough Mudder or a 12 hour Adventure Race.

I live with my kitties and the man of my dreams in beautiful San Luis Obispo, CA.  We spend our play time exploring national parks, unknown back roads and small towns across the US.  My license plate is LVN VRTX for “living in the vortex”.  If you’re a student of Abraham Hicks you know that means my happy place and my home brings me great joy.

I have a healthy relationship with food, my body and I can honestly say I’m comfortable in my own skin and I am proud of the work I do and the life I am living.  I enjoy the process of learning new things and teaching others what I know so that we may up level together.


My invitation with this website and blog are to encourage you to make a big change from wherever you are right now.

You’re worth it!

To your beautiful life,

p.s. after 10 years as an eating disorder recovery coach, I am taking a sabbatical and working on other projects and opportunities in my life.  I’m not actively coaching clients, but do offer referrals if you would like to work with a coach who is accepting new clients.