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3 Must Have’s For a Happy Life

happiness is freeI recorded a podcast with Alen Standish of last week and it was so much fun.

Click here to listen from Alen’s website to our 1 hour call on Creating Happiness!

As I was preparing for the interview, I got so fired up about the topic I decided I would go ahead and share my thoughts here on the blog rather than waiting for the podcast to be released.

The topic of my interview with Alen is called “Creating Deliberate Happiness“.  it’s a bigger discussion than I want to share with you here, but the thing I was most excited about was the 3 must have’s for a happy life.  It’s sort of like Oprah’s…these things I know for sure message. At this point in my life here is what I think it takes to maintain a happy life…intentionally.

My 3 Must Have’s For a Happy Life

1. Take good care of yourself – this one seems so remarkably simple, but is really a challenge for many people today with our busy lives.  When I say take good care of yourself I mean mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  In my recovery coaching I put a lot of emphasis on this concept because I believe it truly creates the foundation for all other transformation to occur.  If you’re not eating, sleeping, and nurturing yourself in these areas you will feel like you’re running on empty. The term I use when coaching women in recovery is “extreme self care”.  I add the extreme part because we have set such a low standard of care of ourselves that the kind of self-care I’m referring to often feels extreme.

2. Practice daily rituals for happiness – I’ve learned over the years that we become what we repeatedly do…we are our rituals.  If you’re lazy or not even aware of the things you’re regularly doing (or not doing), then you’re not deliberately creating the life you want.

Setting up a daily ritual – or many rituals – that serve to bring you into alignment with your highest self each day is what I’m prescribing.  I have shared the morning process I’m a fan of and practice in my own life as a daily ritual that supports my happiness and sense of love and appreciation for everything I have and allow in my future.

Rituals can be things like meditation, prayer, movement like yoga or walking/hiking, journaling, reminders on your phone to appreciate something.  Look for little, simple processes or routines you can add to your life to increase the overall feeling of happiness each day. I recommend doing at least one before you get out of bed or start your day if possible.  Start the momentum for your day with an uplifting message or movement. If you’re new to yoga, check out this site with reviews on yoga mats for new yogi’s, travelers and daily practitioners.

Focus on Being Happy3. Be relentless in your pursuit of happy – A famous teacher I enjoyed was Jim Rohn who said “stand guard at the doorway of your mind“.

Being a deliberate creator of happiness is being committed to following the best feelings you can find that make you happy overall.  The less you beat yourself up, the more you reward and encourage yourself the happier you’ll feel overall.

It’s important you realize you can be happy within regardless of the conditions around you. I’d say you have to decide and remember each day that it’s super important to feel good.

Feeling good as often as possible should be your highest priority.  Doing things you don’t want to do or running into “life challenges” are going to happen. It’s not letting those things ruin how you feel overall.  Let go of what doesn’t serve you and focus on feeling good.

There is SO much I could say on this topic and I will continue to share insights along the way.  I hope these 3 must have’s for a happy life help you begin to shift the course of your life with intention.  If you want a happy life you must remember it’s up to you to create that…in each moment…one thought and one decision at a time.

Please share below any feedback or ideas you have about your personal recipe for living a happy life.  I’d love to hear from you!

I look forward to reading your comments – or email me a question if there’s something I can help you with.

With love and light,