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7 Tips for Aligning More and Resisting Less

Today I was thinking about how I can share more with you the things I do to stay aligned with Source (God, Inner Being, the Universe).

I’ve received a lot of questions from women recently that sound like….”how do I feel better in this powerless situation?”, “how do I stop the insanity of bulimia…so I can be happy again?”, and “how do I turn this bad relationship situation around?”

I believe the keys to all of those answers lies within us.  Within me….and within YOU.

The power to create begins with the power to align with our inner being, our inner knowing.  If you’re out of touch with your highest Self, everything will feel like a struggle, an effort.
Life, as I’ve learned, frankly sucks when you don’t focus on making yourself feel good.  If you’re always focusing on pleasing other people, doing what society (or your mother) tells you will bring you happiness and not tuning in to your own guidance you could end up miserable.  And then you get so fed up with it you ask yourself (or email me)  “how the hell do I turn around this crappy life I’m living around?”

Trust me, I’m far from perfect or living some fairy tale story about what life is supposed to be. However, what I have figured out these 42 years of mine is that life will look like what I dream up and allow into my life.  My dream life is mine to dream.  If I don’t distinguish what I truly want from society’s expectation for me, I will spend countless hours and years of my life striving to get happy doing what people on TV or in the movies say makes me happy.

Screw that!!

Well, to hell with what TV or the movies look like.  They’re fun to watch and can uplift you if you choose carefully, but it’s up to me what a good life looks like.

And that’s why I can say I feel like I am living the good life.

I am living a life that’s filled with joy, freedom and growth.  The elements I have found bring ultimate success.

So how do I get here…and stay here?  Thought you might ask that so I spent some time reflecting on my days to help you find out some insights into what living an aligned life feels like.  The practical “how to’s” of living a life of purpose and happiness.

Are you ready? Here comes the practical part.

7  things I do daily to maintain my alignment with Source:

  • Start off each morning in gratitude and high flying feelings. Every morning first thing I actively put myself into a state of positive emotions.  They might feel like happiness, appreciation, love, peace or anything that makes my heart sing that day.  Because I love variety, I don’t choose the same things every day to focus on.  What I do consistently is to focus.  Focus on how I feel inside from the moment I wake up.  I’ve stopped jumping out of bed to become a do-er until my state of be-ing is established where I want it to be.  That high-flying feeling could last all day or it could last ’til breakfast.  The more I practice focusing my feelings each morning the better I feel so something is definitely working!
  • Ask myself what would make me feel good next?  If I have a few minutes or a few hours before I need I look for ways I can enjoy that time.  If it’s just a few minutes, I’ll focus on visualizing something in my future that I want to feel (not have, but the feeling from the thing/situation).  You see, it’s all about embracing the best feelings I can feel NOW.  If I have a few hours, I might look for some activity that would be the most enjoyable.  That could look like sitting in the grass at a park, calling a friend or my mom, window shopping, or completing a task around my house that would give me a sense of accomplishment.  These are just a few ideas to give you an idea…it could be anything that uplifts the spirit!
  • Surround myself with positive people. It’s made such a difference in my life since I realized it was up to me who I wanted to surround myself with in any moment.  Granted, we may have family, kids or co-workers we can’t necessarily get away from (although I still suggest trying whenever you can/need to!).  I’m talking more about who you surround yourself with when you can choose who to spend time with. I purposely limit meetings or just conversations with negative people to an absolute minimum.  I even have a close friend I enjoy hiking with and she’s been going through some rough patches in her personal life.  While I love hiking with her, I limit the time I spend with her while she’s “processing” her negative shit because it will impact my vibration if it let it.  If I feel aligned and want to be supportive, I may hike with her, but only let her talk about her troubles for a few minutes to get it out of her system.  Then I shift the conversation to things that feel better so we spend the bulk of our time on what is working, not what isn’t.
  • Watching my backyard chickens.  Ok, had to throw this one in because as I’m sitting here writing I just looked out into my backyard and smiled because one of my favorite girls (Grandma Love is her name) just strutted by as only a chicken can.  You know, living in an environment that uplifts you and having things (pets, loved ones, nature, artwork, music, chickens – you never know!) around you that make you smile and your heart sing can be great medicine.
  • Catching myself when I’m worrying or focusing on the negative.  Worry and fear have to be the two triggers I am on high alert for most of the time.  I’ve practiced and continue to practice mindful living.  Living consciously.  Creating my reality based upon what I want to see.  Yet, the mind does wander and thoughts come to greet whatever our vibration attracts.  If I find myself thinking about things I don’t want to create (aka worry), doubting what I want to come about (aka lack of faith) and afraid that bad things are going to happen (aka fear) I notice it and shift my attention.  Things to shift my attention look like taking a deep breath, laughing at myself for going down a road I don’t want to continue on, stopping whatever it was I was doing, moving my body (stand up, walk down the hall, go into another room),  changing my attention in my mind to something else, soothing my inner conversation with positive self talk like “this too shall pass” or “everything is always working out for me”.  The important part most people haven’t mastered is the mindfulness – catching  yourself when you’re introducing resistance.  Once you get better at being more aware of your thoughts and feelings, the shifting the focus to empowerment thinking is way easier than you might think.
  • Daydream whenever I can.  I’ve started using my commute to and from the office as my day dreaming time.  It’s a time I set aside just for moving up the emotional scale to feeling as high as I can in that session.  Some sessions I focus on the great things I have to look forward to in that day or week.  Some sessions I’m focusing on what I want to create that I haven’t seen my way to allowing to come into my life (my future reality, not yet manifested).  I also daydream when I find myself waiting.  Whenever I remember, if I’m waiting for something, I like to take a moment to fall into my dreams so that they uplift my vibration in the moment.  My goal with each day dream session is to feel the exhilaration of the feeling I want to feel once the dream has come true.  For example, when I was wanting to buy a house I remember day dreaming what it would feel like when they gave us the keys to the house…or sleeping in the house the very first night…or working in the garden in my new house.  I would dream it and live the feeling today.
  • Relax.  Period. The power of relaxing and not taking myself or anything else so seriously is incredibly healing.  As a type-A person, perfectionist, and over achiever it’s not been my habit to just chill out and relax very often. Although when I do I’m damn good at it! I used to get myself so stressed out, so overbooked and busy that I had no time to just chill.  Well, I’ve made a commitment to myself to chill more often.  Even if it looks like things aren’t getting done.  To hell with it…let ‘em not get done!  My internal vibration, set point and happiness meter are what I’m basing all decisions upon now.  It’s not a matter of whether my life looks good (aka busy) to other people.  The most important thing I can do is to feel good inside and more often than not doing all the things I thought I needed to do never feels as good as doing less.  Doing less.  Spending less.  Having less. Yet enjoying more.  Be-ing more. Much, much more.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of things I’m doing to maintain my alignment with Source and feel the success of being joyful each day.  I’m not doing this thing called life perfectly and I hope I never do.  I enjoy learning who I am and what I want way too much to perfect it because then the learning stops.  Learning is part of the fun of it.

So what did you learn?  What will you incorporate into your life today?  Is there some idea that was triggered that you could incorporate in your life to align more and resist less? 

I hope so and please remember to share your thoughts the comments below…and thank you!