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14 Ways to Love Your SELF More

Do you know how when you come across something and wish you had come up with it because it’s awesome?!

That’s how I felt when I read my friend Julie Parker‘s post called “14 Ways to Love Yourself More (update: Julie’s taken her post down since this was originally written so no longer linking to it here, but here’s her blog)“.  It’s super sweet

I will give you the 14 ways from her list as teasers.

1. Dress the way you want. 

2. Give yourself a break.

3. Treat yourself. 

4. Get yourself a wee bit more organised; or even totally organised. 

5. Take stock. 

6. Do something you love to do or even think you might love to do. 

7. Recognise once and truly for pity’s sake end of the earth all time no holds barred freakin’ I’m really gonna get it this time…that you only get one body. 

8. Throw away your scales.

9. Sleep.  Seriously.

10. Ask for what you want. 

11. Show yourself the kindness you show others.

12. Enough with the comparisons. 

13. Eat what you want. 

14. Start something.

After all that self-loving inspiration I’m taking on #3 today – treating myself.  Yum!  What can I treat myself to…hmmm.  I think maybe a nice drive along the coast.  Or maybe some gardening time.  I love this post!

I’ll add #15 to Julie’s list and offer my own idea for today: Get Busy Thriving! 

What the heck is that?  What that means to me: you can be, do and have anything you want for yourself in your life.

You thrive when you shift your focus away from what isn’t working in your life, start to focus on the gold that exists around you, embrace appreciating what you already have and thrive, sister!  Get busy thriving is about putting down what doesn’t serve you and picking up, going towards and be-ing whatever and whomever you choose to be that makes YOU feel good.

Like fantastically good! 

If anything you’re focusing on or are do-ing today that does NOT make you feel fantastically good, then how can you stop it.  Like now.  Give it up.  Put it down.  Drop it.  Let it go.  Release it.  Whatever the frick(!) it is that’s lowering your vibration, it’s time to put it aside and start thriving.


That felt good just saying.  Woohoo!

Happy LOVE day to you.

I embrace you in a big virtual hug and remind you are loved more than you know.

To your joy,