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Best Apps for Eating Disorders

I just read that HealthPoint announced their “Best Eating Disorder Apps of 2012“.  The link takes you to all of the top 13 apps for eating disorders for both the iPhone and Android platforms.

If you could do me a favor –  if you’re reading this and have used any of theses apps before – would you take a moment to share your eating disorder app review below?  This will help others find the best apps on the web today.

Thank you!

Recovery Record (Free)

Android– 4.7 stars with 378 ratings

iPhone– 5 stars with 48 ratings

This free app is for women and men on their recovery journey from eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia, obsessive eating, compulsive overeating, and binge eating. It helps you track progress, log your food and feelings, find treatment providers, and develop coping skills.


iCounselor: Eating Disorder ($.99)

iPhone – 3 stars 34 ratings (*no longer available)

This app is useful specifically for overcoming anorexia or bulimia. The iCounselor for Eating Disorders helps you develop skills to resist your eating compulsions. When you rate your symptoms the program then gives you advice and tips for managing your thoughts.


Body Beautiful ($.99)

iPhone– 4.5 stars 20 ratings

Self proclaimed “only iPhone app that helps you love your body“. Heal Journey’s Body Beautiful app helps you learn to love your body and improve your self-image in order to develop confidence and self-acceptance (two important keys to recovery!). The app includes inspirational quotes, articles, and videos. For added support, you can collect and share your favorite quotes and items, chat with other members, and pledge to respect and love your body. This app seeks to help you end “fat talk” and stop fighting the war against your food and calories.


Eating D AppCounselor ($.99)

Android – 4.2 stars with 4 ratings (*no longer available)

This Android app helps you track the frequency and severity of your daily emotional responses. Once you identify your ED thoughts, the app helps you address them by offering strategies and tips for consciously resisting your urges. If you have anorexia or bulimia, this app can help you cope with feelings of fullness, eating regular meals, avoiding purging, and developing a healthy relationship with food.


Cognitive Diary CBT Self-Help (Free)

Android– 4.6 stars with 206 ratings

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a popular treatment for eating disorders. This app is best utilized in conjunction with the help of an ED therapist. It allows you to keep track of upsetting events that stress or upset you, rate the level of emotional response, and get a therapeutic reading that corresponds to your troubles. This app may help you with stress, anxiety, negative thinking, self-control problems, and relationship issues.


OneRecovery Meeting Finder (Free) – UPDATE for 2018 (this appears to now be called PinkCloud AA Meeting Finder (still free)

Android – 4.2 stars 378 ratings
iPhone – 4.5 stars 58 ratings

An eating disorder app that shows where you can find 12 step meetings in the United States.  It allows you to search for local Eating Disorders Anonymous meetings by city or zip code to find the times, types, and locations. It offers daily meditation messages and a recovery tracker.


Optimism (Free) – UPDATE for 2018 – app is no longer supported

iPhone – 4.5 stars 18 ratings

Optimism Apps created this to help you chart your moods, triggers, and emotional states. This app was originally designed for people with mental illness, but it’s believed that by recognizing and tracking your emotions and triggers you can become more aware of your eating disorder habits (and gradually break those habits). In addition to your moods you can track exercise, sleep patterns, medications, and your coping mechanism effectiveness.

Eating Disorder Assessments ($.99)

Android – 4.2 stars 4 ratings (*no longer available)

If you have a friend or loved one you’re concerned may have an eating disorder, try this app to assess the severity of the situation by identifying the warning signs of an eating disorder. This app is not meant for managing or treating eating disorders. The Eating Disorder Assessment app has surveys you as a friend or parent can use to look  for symptoms of a variety of eating disorders.


Please, if you’ve used any of these eating disorder apps, share your experience and feedback about them below.  

Thank you!