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Best Eating Disorder Blogs of 2013 – Thank You!

I’m honored to share that this little bulimia recovery blog of mine was honored again this year to be awarded one of The Best Eating Disorder Blogs of 2013 by

I’m so grateful.

I’m so hopeful.

I’m freakin’ motivated to keep inspiring bulimia recovery as much as I can.  To be the best bulimia recovery blogger I can be!

Make the Connection

Some days I feel like a writing.

Some days I feel like hiding out.

Some days I can’t wait to share new discoveries with you and wish I knew how the heck to video blog right from my iPhone so you could receive the download I receive right when I receive it!

As I ponder being recognized as one of the best eating disorder blogs around I realize my recovery blog would be just a figment of my imagination if it weren’t for you reading this.  You are why this blog exists.

You know, a writer is only as good as the message s/he conveys.  It’s sort of like that old question “if a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?”  If I were blogging about my eating disorder recovery but you weren’t here to read about life after bulimia, would the words or message be heard?

I think not.  We’re in this together, my friend.

I also understand that part of my heart’s healing and my recovery from bulimia is about being a contribution.  To feeling connected to something bigger than me.  To connecting with you – even if we don’t sit across the table and look into each others eyes…we are connected you and me. There is a connection that I hope you feel as you read this.  I feel it.

I believe paying it forward is true for anyone who goes through a tough patch (or decades) in life.  I’m sure you’ve been through your own personal hell(s).

We all have.

I know if you’ve lived on this planet for any period of time that you, too, have lived to share your wisdom.  To share your life’s lessons with someone who benefited from your having gotten your lesson.

Just imagine life after bulimia for a moment.

Pay It Forward

What lessons are you learning that once this period called “having bulimia” is behind you will you go on to share?

What lessons would you like to finally get so you can move on to your next chapter?

Your phase in life with bulimia can be a thing of your past – and will be soon. So, what will you make it mean that you had bulimia and what will you go on to help other people learn?

For me…it’s about self-love.  Learning to care so deeply for yourself and your connection to who you are that you put yourself above the needs of others.  You fill your well to full before you give to others so that you’re giving the love you have instead of giving something you don’t have.

What has bulimia taught you that you could teach to others?  Share your comments below.