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The Best Morning Process for Happiness – Steal This!

This is hands down one of the most important posts I’ve written in a long time.

Hopefully the most helpful post ever!

If you were standing in front of me right now I’d look you square in the eyes with 100% of my focus and energy as I said:

If you trust me to help you change the course of your life, this post could be the most important post you ever read from me and change your life forever.

As if I haven’t put enough emphasis on this yet, I want to share a few more things.  I was on a call with my MasterMind earlier today and I shared the morning process I’m about to share with you with them as the most important thing they could do in the next 30 days to change things that weren’t working in their lives.

I know…I know.

Get to the freakin’ point?!  What the hell will all the serious emphasis? Just tell me what you’re talking about, already!

Ok, now that I have your attention, and hopefully your trust, allow me to share what all the hype is for.

The Morning High Flying Process

A Daily Ritual for Thriving!

As a student of the law of attraction and Abraham Hicks I have studied and practiced the processes they’ve introduced over the years.  About six months ago I listened to their explanation of the morning process for getting on your high flying disc with eager excitement.  I’m sort of a one-woman human guinea pig when it comes to trying new personal transformation processes and learning.  I’m not one to sit on the sidelines/ especially when it’s something that Abraham suggests for so dramatically shifting your life.

I listened to a few videos about what the high flying disc is which is basically a state of mind, an attitude or a way of being that is as closely aligned with God, Source, the Universe or whatever you want to call it.

When you’re on your high flying disc you feel amazing. 

There are all sorts of discs you can be on – the pissed off disc, the overwhelmed disc, the frustrated disc, the curious disc, the happy disc – and it’s up to us to choose which disc we want to be on.

Our disc is also our point of attraction, our vibration or energetic state of attraction for what comes to us in life (think law of attraction).

Abraham explains that when we sleep we as energy bodies release all resistance and go into a neutral state.  Neither negative nor positive.  We sort of hit the reset button.

When we wake up in the morning we’re fresh.  We have no energy from the day before the very instant we wake up.

It’s in that first moment of awakening that we have a unique opportunity to choose our vibration.  The operative word there is chooseWe can choose what we want to feel and therefore bring into our day.

It is every day that we can choose to be happy.

We can choose to live and thrive.

Conditional Living vs. Intentionally Choosing Happiness

If you’re used to looking at the world around you and allowing your circumstances to set your vibration, tone or attitude, then you’re living conditionally.  You’re letting what is direct how you feel instead of realizing the power you have in each morning to select your vibrational state and take that into your day.

Like I said, it’s been about six months since I first learned about the reset button, the morning processes and the ability to choose how to feel each day.

I tried Abraham’s best morning processes for at least 30 days.  I felt better and better as the weeks went by.   I experienced the power of positive momentum that we can achieve by deliberately setting my vibrational tone each and every day.  I noticed a shift.  My friends and family have noticed the shift, too.

Here’s another moment that if we were standing across from each other I’d lean in and look you in the eyes and say…

I swear…you’ve got to try this.  This process works!

On my life I tell you anything is possible and you’ll feel so much better if you commit to doing this each and every morning.

I’m sharing this with you because I love you guys!  I love sharing what I learn that gives me results.  I have shared this with my one-on-one coaching clients, my MasterMind partners and close friends. This morning process is the number one recommendation I make when someone asks me what they can be doing to feel better, to change their lives…even to recover from bulimia, if that’s where you are.

I realize when I share from the heart that people will still only allow in what is theirs to get when they’re ready for it.  I guess I feel so passionately about this that I am just surprised and a little sad when people don’t take it on for themselves.  I’m releasing that because I’m not here to help everyone.  Just to share authentically and with enthusiasm.

If a dear friend came to me with love and light in their eyes and said, “Hey, I’m having amazing results from doing this process…I think you would enjoy it.  Will you give it a try for 30 days?” I couldn’t NOT try it.

Maybe it’s the guinea pig mentality that I’m willing to try anything in the interest of learning and growing that keeps me open to ideas like these.  But hey, I also have great results in my life. So, the only person I can thank is the person who introduced me to the process and myself for being open and stepping up to the plate for myself and taking action.

And now it’s your turn.

I’ve shared from my soul why I think this is so important.  Below I will share the videos that I feel will help guide you in the process that Abraham teaches so that you can explore what it means for yourself.  Go easy about this.  Make it your own.  You can’t mess this up.  Just decide you’re going to try it for a month and give it a go.

If I had to summarize for you in case you don’t have time to watch the videos  I share below here’s the bottom line:

Every morning upon awakening realize you have an opportunity to choose your vibration.  Do something, one thing, that sets the tone for your day as you want it to be.

For me, I often pick up my iPad before I get out of bed and listen to 1-2 Abraham videos because I know they set me on a high-flying disc because of the nature of their vibrational energy.  Then I spend 5 minutes either focused on what I appreciate/love in my life or the abundance in my life.

That’s IT!!

Did you hear me?!  That’s all it takes!

Lately I allow myself about 30 minutes before I get out of bed to listen to videos and to practice appreciation and abundance.  Is thriving the other 23.5 hours of my day worth those 30 minutes I wake up earlier?

A-[f*cking] men it is!

Sorry, don’t mean to be so profane.  [Trying to be profound – can’t help it cause of my playful side!]

I am really feeling the passion about this and having you do this.  Dammit!

I hope you’ll take me seriously.

Nah, I hope you’ll take me playfully. :)

I hope you’ll take this as guidance from a person who’s experiencing results called love, abundance, health, vitality, confidence and connection and so much more each day.

Alright, I’ve poured my heart out enough and I can tell if you’ve made it this far YOU’RE IN!

You want to thrive.  Good for you…that’s what I want for you, too!

Best Morning Process Videos From Abraham Hicks

So, here are the Abraham Hicks morning process videos. Listen to these today and then commit to practicing the morning ritual every day for the next 30 days.

If you miss a day, that’s ok.  Get back on that horse and keep riding.

Don’t give up.  Don’t stop.  Do it every day.

I’ve done it nearly every day for six months and I feel a-m-a-z-i-n-g at what’s manifesting in my life.

Please remember to share your comments below!

I look forward to reading your comments – or email me a question if there’s something I can help you with.

With love and light,