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Bulimia Help: Remember….Everything Happens for a Reason

[/caption]I was driving yesterday and remembered this line that I first heard at a seminar about six years ago.

Everything happens for a reason…and that reason is there to serve me.

The first time I heard that it sounded one way, the more I thought about it I understood it differently, and now 5-6 years since I first heard that phrase I’ve come to really integrate what this means to me in a whole new way.

If you can come to not only understand, but instead know, that you are a part of Source (God) and your inner wisdom is always surrounding you with well being you will suddenly see your life experiences as meaningful.  Every moment has a purpose.

I could probably rattle off 10 life experiences that – at the time – I didn’t think were good for me.  You name it I feel like I’ve experienced the lowest of lows.  Everything from losing a job to losing my life savings to losing the man I loved.  I appreciate that  all of these didn’t happen to me at once, but when they did happen I can tell you I felt a huge loss.  I didn’t realize the true benefit from the experience until months or years later.

I have to hold my tongue sometimes when people tell me about the bad things that are happening in their lives because all I can see now is that it has a purpose.  It’s there to teach them a lesson.  A lesson that undoubtedly came to life to learn.  Life is our classroom.  Our journey is a way of expanding the Universe.  When we fall down and get back up we expand the wisdom of the Universe.

It’s not always easy when I’m in the middle of what appears to be a struggle or loss or negative situation to see the good that will come of it.  I just say a prayer like “this too shall pass” and keep the faith that nothing is here to kill me.  It is here to help me.  There’s a message in my pain and my struggle.  I say “God, let me get the lesson quickly” nowdays so I don’t sit and wallow or suffer.

Trust or Faith

I was out walking my dogs (well, our dog Bear and a friend’s dog, Murphy)

Shell Beach sunset – near my home in California

This is Murphy - our neighbor's dog we're watching. Cute huh?

I took the dogs on a walk through what I know will be our new neighborhood in San Luis Obispo.  I just wanted to share some pictures from my walk because I know that sharing what I want is a good way to solidify in my environment what I’m attracting to me.  Here are a few pictures from our walk through our new neighborhood.

Bear – this is my best hiking buddy and beloved companion.
Beautiful Older Home - Love the Porch!
A Real Charmer – Great Details

My dream house - this is the house that spoke to me the other morning. You can't see the great yard in back. Yes please!
Love those rocking chairs!

I’m in that state of trust – or faith – that the Universe to deliver what I want.  I wasn’t there six weeks ago or even a month ago.  Today I am.

We put in an offer in on a completely different house (in a different town even) last night and I just know that the Universe will deliver to us what we affirm as “the right and perfect house in the right and perfect price in the right and perfect neighborhood”.  Some people might give up hope when they hear we’ve written 6-7 offers, have looked at hundreds of homes and still haven’t received the keys to our new home.

This is where faith and trusting in the Universe to deliver what my husband and I say is “this or something better” comes in to play.  I trust and believe in the Universe to deliver to me what I am a vibrational match to.  My vibration is equal to what I expect.  I’ve been working a little on my expectations because I believe that we don’t get what we want…we get what we expect!  I’d like to take a minute to clarify a few things…

What is Worry?

Worry is belief in the worst coming true (fear of a negative outcome).

What is Faith?

Faith is belief in a good outcome.

What is Belief?

A belief is just a thought you keep thinking.


Manifesting Your Dream Life

Knowing this…how do you create the life you want? Your dream life?

It seems to me you create your imagined – or dream life – not by worrying.  Gotta give that one up.  No excuses.  Every minute you spend in worry mode is another minute you’re holding yourself away from what you really want.

Instead you imagine the reality you want to achieve (your dream) and you hold it in your mind and never ever ever give up hope (i.e. have faith) that it will come true.

Sounds a little surreal, I know.  I’m not here to tell you that it’s just that simple.  Simple but not always easy given our old patterns and habits of thought. Believe me – that notion of holding the idea as your vibrational point of attraction and having faith is where the work is. It’s pretty easy for us to imagine what we want.  Life gives us plenty of what we don’t want every day that we’re constantly clarifying what we want.

Our work is really step 3 of the law of attraction.  The art of allowing.  Allowing by being kind to ourselves.  Trusting that everything happens for a reason and that reason is there to serve us.  Having faith that well being is the order of the day and is our birth right.  It takes some getting used to in order to think like this.  I’ve only come to expect well being as the natural state of my life in the past year.

Bulimia Help is Outside Your Door

I say all this to you because I want you to understand that whatever it is you want most to come true is really yours to ask for and receive.  If you want help for bulimia because you’re still in the thick of your binge eating disorder I hear your request for support.  Maybe you’re reading this wondering “how can all this good really happen in my life?”  I used to ask that question and over time I changed my belief.  I used what I mentioned earlier…I started imaging what I wanted, kept that thought top of mind, had faith and eventually my beliefs began to change.

Your bulimia recovery is yours to embrace.  If you’re struggling every day to stop purging, maybe your next step is to have faith that you won’t always be like this.  It might seem uncontrollable and hard to fathom living without this secret in your life.  Who would you be if you weren’t your eating disorder, right?

Maybe you’re 9, 12 or 18 months into recovery. If you’re still having lingering thoughts like “will this last?” or “can I really maintain control over my binging?” then you’ve got some inner work to do.  Work on those lingering thoughts.

It’s time to let go of the past you, the old you who had an eating disorder for go and fully embrace being a non-bulimic.  It’s yours to choose and choose every day. If you keep looking back and worrying you know that will only keep your focus on what you don’t want in your life.  Worry breads what we don’t want.  Focus on your daily successes.  Celebrate your recovery and have faith that you’re an amazing human being who deserves to live a life of well being.  Surrounded by love and living fully self expressed.  It’s possible.

Just so you know…I already see you as recovered.  I have faith in your inner being to light you up and help you find your path to lasting bulimia recovery.

Ready to Share Your Story?

I want to leave you with a question…are you ready to share your story with the world?  Or at least me?  If you’d like to feel a sense of freedom, a sense of relief and learn a lot about yourself in the process…email me your bulimia story or visit my eating disorder recovery website and visit the Share Your Story Page to submit your story.  Now….or soon.  Up to you.