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Here’s How You Can Overcome Bulimia Forever

I’m excited to share a few bulimia help tips in the form of my recommendations for 13 rituals for sustained bulimia recovery.  If that left you asking, “what do you mean by rituals?” Allow me to explain.

You are your rituals. 

Your body, your house, your career, your friendships and more are defined by your rituals.  What we do day-to-day creates our lives and shapes the environments around us.

If you’re reading this you’re most likely living with bulimia (or anorexia) and are currently defined by your rituals around food.  What I want you to try on are new rituals from a non-bulimic’s point of view.  That would be mine. :)

The rituals I’m about to share with you aren’t meant to be used from time to time or occasionally.  The power of a ritual is in its consistency.  The repetitive behavior that creates a habit-like response within you.  If you have bulimia, your rituals look a lot like isolation, secrecy, fear, shame and guilt.  Not to mention self-hatred, insecurity, and putting your needs behind everyone else.

Those are the rituals that got you here.  Are you ready to try on new ones that could help you overcome bulimia forever?

Great, I hoped you’d say that.

My 13 Rituals for Sustained Bulimia Recovery

These are in no particular order and are basically a brain-dump from self-examination as I look at how my life is today vs how it was when I had bulimia.  It’s not a great idea to try and do all of these today.  Pick one this month and set up a new ritual or habit for it.  Work on one a month and in a year your life will look and feel veeeery different.

1. Rest

We live full lives.  So it’s important you remember to take time to rejuvenate your body with lots of sleep; crucial to a healthy lifestyle.  Get as many hours of sleep as you can (ideally 7-8) and even take spontaneous breaks during your day.  Yes, no kidding. Oh, one more thing… rest also applies to your mouth. Be quiet.

2. Appreciation

Have you ever heard “givers get” or “you get what you give”?  Be loving.  Give love to friends and even strangers.  Radiate love and appreciation and you’ll get more things to love and appreciate in return.

3. Kindness

Generally speaking you and I are kind to others, but we forget to be kind to ourselves.  When working with coaching clients, this is one of the most important first steps to recovery.  Learning to practice being kind to yourself…always.  Especially when you slip up or make a mistake.  Dust yourself off and keep going.  Treat yourself like you would your best friend.

4. Integrity

To me, integrity means being your word.  Doing what you say you’re going to do and when you don’t you clean it up.  Keeping your promises builds trust in relationships.  When you keep your promise to yourself you’re keeping the most important promise of all.  Be your word.

5. Authenticity

Authenticity isn’t the easiest thing to define or be.  What does it even mean, really?  People might say “be yourself”.  Easy for them to say.  What it is to me is trusting your inner voice, speaking from your heart with compassion, saying what you mean and meaning what you say.  It’s not letting other people push you around or walk over you.  It’s being a stand for who you are as a valuable human being and letting people know what you need and when they are or are not in harmony with what you need. You know you’re being authentic when you feel confident in what you say from the inside rather than guilty, anxious or insecure.

6. Responsibility

Think ownership rather than control.  Being responsible means owning your feelings, owning your actions, and owning your outcomes. Not everything in life is a direct result of something you do, but it is as a result of your be-ingness.  Everything comes into our life for a reason.  Take responsibility for your life so you empower yourself to create the life you DO want.

7. Spirituality

Having a spiritual practice is so important I think I maybe should have put this one first.  Having a daily routine that grounds and connects you to your highest, most loving self is what will keep you out of your eating disorder and in your recovery.  When my clients are feeling out of control, overwhelmed and powerless in their lives I know they’re not taking time out to connect to their Source (or spirit).  This is so important you can’t not do this.  Make the time.  Seriously.

8. Nourishment

I won’t go into detail here about what nourishing foods are because I think you already know what they are.  In my bulimia days, and now working with clients, most of us know what healthy eating is and do it most of the time.  It’s the binging and purging sessions when we get off track and eat the “bad” foods.  Replace your binges with nourishing sources for your body, mind and spirit.

9. Solo

Sometimes you just need to fly solo.  Even for 10 or 15 minutes a day.  Taking what I like to call “Me Timeout” is essential to taking care of yourself.  I’ve found that when I take care of me, everyone in my life is better taken care of.  What you do with your solo time is yours, just let it be time that’s dedicated to serving you and your needs. Not your kids. Not your husband.  Not your work.  This is all you ba-by.

10. Movement

Having a routine that sets your body in motion serves you on more levels than just physical.  Whether you’re walking, hiking, swimming, or dancing…movement keeps your body limber and strong,and your mind clear.  Exercise doesn’t take energy it creates energy, so set up a movement routine that fits your schedule and makes you feel great.

11. Breathe

It may not seem like you need a reminder for something that comes natural to us.  This ritual is here to remind you that your breath is a connection to your Source.  When you consciously take a deep breath, you presence yourself in the NOW where your power is.  I also like to say that nothing is too overwhelming or upsetting that 10 slow deep breaths can’t overcome.  Try it.

12. Nature

Being in nature is the best medicine.  Not everyone lives at the beach or in the deep woods, but finding nature in your community or town is possible.  I find that nature is my meditation chamber and when I’m hiking or going for a walk through a park, just listening to the sounds, breathing the fresh air and seeing the vibrant colors changes my state.  I encourage you to regularly get into nature – several times a week, if possible.

13. Play

Yay for play! What a better way to wrap up these rituals than with some fun.  Life is meant to be joyful and full of play time.  Stop for a minute and remember the last time you laughed until your sides hurt.  Or you lost track of time with friends or your kids.  Whatever makes you feel like a kid again…do that.  And do it often.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my 13 rituals for sustained bulimia recovery.  These rituals are what I would prescribe if I were the doctor of your health, happiness and well being.  If you took on all 13 of these rituals, you could mold your life into one where you shine and thrive in as little as 30 days.

What new rituals are you going to take on?