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Bulimia, Nutrition and Stimulants

This is an email I received from Meg who’s a recovering bulimic and receives my bulimia recovery newsletter.  She had some great insights about her bulimia recovery, nutrition and stimulants.  Check out what working for her (and what she gave up that wasn’t working).  Thanks for the ideas Meg!


Hey Polly,

I love these messages that you send me… they definitely do inspire me. It’s been a week now since I’ve stopped binging and purging. And there is something that I realized…and maybe you can share it with other people…[gladly!]

The disorder is called Bulimia “Nervosa”. This means that it is caused by my nerves and it means that my nervous system is not working to its fullest and best ability. So I told myself I needed to heal my nervous system. I decided to cut all stimulants. No coffee, No sugar, No alcohol, No drugs, No tobacco. I live with my father and he was accountable for me. Instead of coffee, I drank green tea.  I have like 20950480 times more energy and I only need to sleep 6 hours a night.. as opposed to 8 or 9… My physical body has never felt so calm in my life.

However, throughout this week, I experience many levels of anger. So much so, I could of karate shopped a table in half I tried… good thing I didn’t.

So basically, all those stimulants were making me numb to my emotions of anger.

This leads me to believe that:

a. Stimulants react with my nerves in a bad way. When I am nervous, I feel hungry, edgy and uncomfortable  and that is when I want to binge eat… to, of course, get rid of the feeling.

b.  I have been hiding away from my emotions, especially anger. In order to get rid of my anger, I have to FEEL it out.. be aware of it and not suppress it. So any time that I started to feel angry, I would meditate, do some breathing exercises (visualize myself breathing the anger out of my body) and I would do some stretching and dancing.  [awesome Meg!]

So, so far, this has helped me… and hopefully more realizations happen in order for me to heal myself in and out!!!! :) :)

On a side note.. (following your last email)

Yes, I believe that everyone should be happy. But at our natural state we are not suppose to feel happy and be all smiles, we are suppose to feel at peace with ourselves, feel bliss, regardless of any internal or external circumstance. At this state we are suppose to be equanimous. I could then say that at our higher state, we can feel happy, comical, joyful, love.

Anyway, I went through this HUGE realization this week.

Again, I love reading your emails, they remind me of how strong I can be throughout this healing process.

Thank You.



Please leave any comments or feedback for Meg below…Thanks!