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Help For Bulimia: Recognizing Blaming and Complaining

I did a post the other day to try to provide you help for your bulimia recovery about letting go of the complaining and blaming in your life.  Mostly I was talking about it because I was noticing how much it was showing up again in my own life, so I knew I must have been doing it.

Anyway, I want to give you some idea of the language to be aware of that’s a sign that you or someone else are blaming and/or complaining.

What Does Complaining Sound Like?

Here are a few examples of complaining

It’s too hot (or cold, rainy, humid, dry, etc) today.

This is never going to work.

This is really lame.  I hate this.

That’s a terrible restaurant.  They have bad service and their food is awful.


Here are a few examples of complaining about your self

I’m late again.

I’m tired (worn out, sore, bored, frustrated, or lonely).

Things never work out well for me.

I’m so stupid.


What Does Blaming Sound Like?


Here are a few examples of blaming

We’re all in this situation because the government didn’t do something about it.

It’s my parent’s fault I’m this way.

It’s the media’s fault people have eating disorders because they promote ultra-thinness.


Here are a few examples of blaming your self

I workout so hard and my body just doesn’t respond.

It’s my eating disorder’s fault – I have no self control.

I just don’t have the time to meditate or spend time working on myself.

If any of these sound familiar they’re a sign you’ve got some cleaning up to do of your language.  I see a few myself I’m still using to keep me from being at peace with what is and taking responsibility for my actions and my life.

I hope this is helpful to you and gives you help for your bulimia recovery process.  You’re not meant to be perfect.  When you expect yourself to be and you’re not you bring out the blaming stick and start beating yourself up.  So, don’t expect perfection.  Expect to always be improving.  When you find yourself blaming or complaining, be aware of it.  Catch yourself by taking responsibility for the thoughts, words and energy you’re putting out into your life.  Replace thoughts and words around blame or complaints with empowering thoughts and statements.

If you have any good examples or ideas you use in your recovery for how to stop these patterns, please feel free to share them below.