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Bulimia Recovery: Go With The Flow

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For those of you just starting your bulimia recovery journey, I want to help you understand that each day of life in recovery is a little different.  Just like when you’re in the midst of daily struggles with your eating disorder, no two days in recovery are the same.  It’s how you approach your recovery that makes it a struggle or filled with calm and ease.


Attitude is Everything

I first started doing affirmations about 5-6 years ago as part of a workshop I attended called the Millionaire Mind Intensive from Peak Potentials. It helped change my financial mindset forever.

Anyways…I attended this workshop and they recommended doing affirmations every morning and evening. I can remember reading these affirmations and looking at myself in the mirror and saying “this is silly”.  It took awhile (maybe 2-3 weeks), but I started to feel different.

It’s been a long time since I thought about the Millionaire Mind Intensive or affirmations, but I can tell you affirmations are an excellent way to change your attitude.  Your mindset, attitude and vibration are because of what you’re focusing on and feeling about.  It’s a choice you make in every moment.

Our vibration, point of attraction, and attitude is what we’ll attract to us.  I’ve noticed in the past 6-9 months that I’m a magnet for good things.  I watched Louise Hay’s video You Can Heal Your Life and saw how the woman in the video was able to gradually turn her thoughts from negative to positive.  I am a testament to it working.

I can’t say that I was a complete Negative Nelly a year ago, but I definitely wasn’t in charge of my thoughts and focus. I would just let things take my attention and go off in that direction.  Now, I’m much more of a deliberate creator because I choose my thoughts, my focus, and my point of attraction.  I find that after working on my attitude (my vibration and energetic center) I am positive most of the time.  Our attitude is everything because our universe is an attraction based universe.  If my attitude is one of good things always happen to me that’s what my life will look like.

Your Attitude is Up to You

As I was walking the dogs this morning I listened to the video below by Louise Hay.  She talks about how our attitude can be changed (especially as a part of our bulimia recovery).  She gives a nice example of how our monkey mind (ego self) is like a child.  If we’re used to allowing our child to stay up late and we one night decide we want them to start going to bed at 8pm there will be some resistance.  Maybe for the first few nights it won’t go so smoothly, but in time the pattern will be in place and we’ll have our child going to bed when we want them to.

Well, our mind (attitude) is like this child.  We are in control of our mind, not the other way around.  I know, sometimes it doesn’t seem like it!  But, I’m here to tell you your mind can be re-trained.  Retrained to think positively.  I’ve done it and I believe you can, too.

Please have a listen to this video by Louise Hay from a chapter of her book on changing our thought patterns.  I hope it gives you new insights into how to retrain your mind to think positively.

 Going With The Flow

Today I was planning to spend most of the day doing work on my eating disorder recovery website to get a jump on the coming week.  Instead I found myself this morning totally inspired to get out in the garden and beautify our yard.  We’re in the process of buying a house and rent the home we live in now.  I’ve been putting off gardening for months because I felt like we’d be moving soon, so why bother?

The weather this morning was so glorious I just knew I wanted to be out in my yard for at least part of the day.  I made my way over this morning to the local hardware/garden store and several hundred dollars later I was texting my husband that I think I went overboard on flowers (and a great new fountain!).  He’s so knows me so well because he text back saying “That’s cool.  I’ve seen this before. Whatever makes you happy!”  Gosh, what a great guy.  (Oh, by the way, today’s our 18 month wedding anniversary – yum!)

My husband was already working on weeding the yard when I got home – we make such a great team!  I unloaded all of the flowers, put on some suntan lotion and rolled up my sleeves.  About 4 1/2 hours later I looked up and things were looking much, much better.  The time I had planned to work was now significantly shrunk into just a couple of hours.

Ordinarily I’d be a bit disappointed with myself and stressed out.  Today I can go with the flow.  I know that it’s more important that I trust my intuition and go with the flow than be hard on myself.  Especially when it comes to guilting myself after the fact.  I’ve let that go and now when I feel like gardening I garden.  I might have a little late night making up time from today, but I also know everything happens for a reason and that reason is there to serve me.

Beautifying our garden will make me feel better every time I walk outside.  That small step will uplift me each day in ways I can’t yet imagine.  I went with the flow of what my heart’s desire told me to do and didn’t resist or get angry with myself.  Just let it be.  My attitude is that well being is the order of the day and if that’s what I wanted to do today right now, then it must be for a purpose.

Bulimia Recovery Update from Hayley

Thanks again to everyone who’s provided words of support to Hayley who shared her bulimia story last week.  She emailed me again and posted a comment that she’s still struggling with binging and purging, but feels good that she’s taking steps towards recovery.  I already see Hayley as a recovered bulimic, just like I do anyone who’s holding themselves in resistance to well-being and struggling with an eating disorder.

Please be sure to sign up to receive my email newsletter and enjoy sharing your comments below on my bulimia recovery blog.  I love hearing from you!

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