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Live and Learn

I was struck today by a new idea about my bulimia recovery journey.  What I realize and want to share is the notion that recovery is a live and learn process.  (Like all of life…really.)

When we’re young children we learn what we like and don’t like by doing things that teach us about life.  We do some things that are easier to learn like tying our shoes and brushing our own hair.  We also learn harder things like not running too fast or touching a hot stove sometimes the hard way.  Whatever the experience there is value in it and it helps mold our life and future actions.

Life in recovery is just like any other phase of life.   I’m continually learning what works/doesn’t work for me and growing as a person and non-bulimic.  I find that some people who try to advise about how to stop bulimia tell you that there’s one way (their way) or one solution that will help you overcome bulimia.  I just don’t believe that to be true.

Live and Learn Teaches

It is my experience that it’s through trial and error or living and learning that we come to know what will work for us.  I tried for years to work with a support group, sometimes seeing a therapist, trying sheer will – all to no avail.  I often had recovery from bulimia for a period of time, but I was always afraid that it would resurface.

I learned there are some specific steps or concepts that I learned along the way for how to stop my bulimia (which you can receive when you sign up for my newsletter).  These were my steps.  I’ve learned from watching the recovery journey of many women that it is by your living and learning that you can find what will work for you.  That’s why I think reading bulimia recovery stories and learning as much as you can about how people recovered during their journey can be incredibly helpful.  Try something and if it’s not working, find something that will work for you.  I tell my students that my idea is like a jacket….try it on and if it doesn’t fit you, take it off and find one that does.

All is Well

I want to suggest a thought here that I hope you will really take to heart:

You are right where you’re supposed to be.  Your life is unfolding perfectly.

There’s nowhere you need to get to, nothing you’re supposed to be doing that you’re not doing, there’s nothing in your life that isn’t exactly as it’s supposed to be.  If you can come to accept and adopt the idea that you’re going to live and learn along the way as you go through bulimia recovery, every day you will allow the natural unfolding of your journey to happen.  Not making yourself wrong every day will go a long way to helping you learn what you came here to learn and to determining what is best for you.

Being Quiet & Listen

As you walk your path I think it’s important that somewhere along your journey you spend some time listening.  Being quiet and listening for your inner wisdom or angel guides to tell you your next steps will go a long way to guiding you along your recovery path.  While there are many influences or distractions in the outer world to keep you from growing and living in your higher self, when you can quiet your mind and be still enough to hear (or sense) your inner wisdom you’ll be guided to your path.

On my eating disorder recovery website I set it up sort of like a buffet of ideas to help you find tools and resources to help you.  I hope you’ll check out the bulimia self-help section and maybe explore some new things if what you’ve been doing isn’t making you feel good.  Try one on, if it doesn’t fit find one that does fit until you’re happily moving along on your journey.

Share Your Life’s Learning

I know you’ve learned a lot along your journey that has taught you a lot about what’s worked or hasn’t worked for you.  Please share your bulimia story on my website or in the comments below on my bulimia blog so others can learn from your experiences.  You have much to teach!