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My Bulimia Recovery – Lessons Learned

I don’t know what you were doing back in 2005, but I was coming out about my big secret – my life with bulimia after two decades of misery.  I share my full bulimia recovery story in my ebook, so download it if you want to learn more about my journey.

Being bulimic sounded like a good idea to a 14 year old trying to fit in and make friends who thought she needed to be skinny to be liked. It seemed like an easy solution for not getting fat. Little did I know then that my eating disorder would put my body through decades of abuse. Not to mention the emotional damage and a life littered with broken relationships and breakdowns.  Spiritually I was a wreck.  A whisper of a soul dwelled deep inside me, eager to get out.

Living a lie was not my intention when I first started.  I felt like I got “swept up” in the addiction and at some point couldn’t figure out how to stop.  After years of trying this treatment or that bulimia support group I finally found my way to lasting recovery.  I took a big leap forward in 2005 and had a real personal transformation when I attended the Landmark Forum.  I feel so grateful each day I’m alive when I think about the moment I decided to be a non-bulimic.

I want to share the keys that took me 27 years to learn so you can get busy thriving in your life.

My Recovery Lessons

Negative Thoughts Can Kill You

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but negative thoughts can kill you.  It’s a sad story to tell, but I had a friend who died at the age of 33 because of her addiction.  She never learned how to cope with the death of her father who died when she was young.  Negative thoughts are like poison you swallow and they slowly kill you from the inside.  It’s important you learn how to focus on the positive and drown out the Negative Nelly in your head.

Learn to Feel Your Feelings

Those of us with eating disorders don’t learn how to effectively manage – or feel – our feelings. When you’re consumed by being thin you begin to objectify your body and ignore the signals it sends you.  Feelings can be overwhelming, annoying and confusing. Unfortunately when you begin to ignore or avoid feeling uncomfortable feelings you keep yourself from the good feelings, too.  Learning how to feel your feelings, allow them to move through your body and be indicators of your internal guidance from your higher self also gives you access to all of the good feelings.

Your Addiction is Like a Bad Habit

Like I shared in my story, I saw bulimia as a way to keep from getting fat.  At first it seemed like an answer to my prayers.  The problem is I developed the habit of binging and purging and it controlled me.  If you’ve ever tried to give up a bad habit, especially one as big a part of your life as daily eating, you know how hard it can be to stop.  It’s important you get support or learn how to break your binge and purge cycle or habit if you want to tip the scales and find lasting recovery.

Recovery Takes Time

No one’s ever recovered from bulimia over night.  I had periods of recovery and relapse for more than 10 years before I finally stopped the cycle for good.  Be patient if you’re on the road to recovery and don’t get down on yourself if you’re having relapses.  It’s very common.  You’ll eventually get there.  Just keep focusing on your goal – being a healthy, happy person.

Learn to Love Who You Are

This is by far the most important area I mentor people about.  Learning to love yourself.  The more I love myself the better my life is.   My self-love is constantly growing and I work on it every day.  You learning to love YOU is where lasting recovery can be found.  On your road of recovery when you get past the bad habits, negative thoughts and fears you are then ready to learn how to love yourself – just the way you are. I know that deep inside you is a really special person who’s worth loving.  I know that because we’re all lovable and deserve to be happy.  It’s our divine right.

My commitment to you is that you find lasting recovery. If you’re ready, your thriving recovery is waiting.  It’s your next step.  Visit my website to download my bulimia stories book.   I’ll also send you my top 10 keys to lasting recovery when you download my book for free.

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