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Want Bulimia Recovery? Practice Being Happy

I’ve been wanting to share about how to be happy for a couple of days.  As you may have noticed, I love hiking.  I live in San Luis Obispo, CA, and we have some of the best hiking spots on the Central Coast right here near my house.

This picture was taken last week while hiking Madonna Mountain with a view in the background of Bishop’s Peak.

Hiking is what I do to connect with God/Source, fill my internal spiritual well and get physical.  I hike about 4-5 days a week and a lot of it is in the wee hours of the morning while most people are sleeping because that’s when the energy is calm, the streets are quiet and the trails are empty.  This is when I thrive.

Happiness is a State of Mind

I listened to this Abraham Hicks video on a hike this week and it reminded me how important it is that we be happy.

Abraham says forget all the work of practicing the law of attraction and just get happy.  We can be happy when we can:

“Make peace with where you are.”

It’s important that we feel good.  Bulimia recovery isn’t about struggling and working hard.  There is work involved, but if we just practice feeling good and being happy from the inside out our world will transform.  That’s what personal transformation is all about.  Transforming your outer world because you transform your vibration and internal point of attraction from inside.

Being happy is important to living a fulfilling life.  I think you would agree that the people you know who are the happiest – and I don’t mean seem to be the happiest, I mean are truly happy – are being happiness.  They allow themselves to live, laugh and love freely.  They are easy on themselves.  They respect their time and do nice things for themselves.  They share their joy with others and spend their time focused on being happy.

Our way of being comes as a result of our thoughts.  When we focus our mind on being happy, we become happy.  Three things I’ve learned that you absolutely have to avoid if you want to be happy are:

  • Blaming
  • Complaining
  • Justifying

These three behaviors will sink you into negativity.  If you want to be happy, let go of these three and I promise you’ll be happier quickly.

When I let go of blame, complain and justify I felt the relief immediately.  I decided to tell the people in my life, especially my Mom, that I wouldn’t talk to them if they spoke of any of these to me.  I didn’t talk to my Mom for about 6 months when I first told her this because she really didn’t have anything to talk to me about when she wasn’t complaining or justifying.  The only other thing she would occasionally sneak into our calls were her worries, but soon I didn’t even let those into our conversations.

Model Being Happy

Carolyn’s Ironman Tattoo (140.6 miles)

One of my closest friends, Carolyn, is an ex-Ironman triathlete.  Carolyn is a go-getter and pushes herself in many areas of her life.  She doesn’t do anything half-assed.  Carolyn and I hike together almost every weekend and it’s our girl time for sharing and exploring what we’re both up to – learning and growing together.

I’ve learned that Carolyn is an excellent model for me in the “how to get happy” department.  She works hard, but she also plays hard.  After we went on our hike today we were hanging out in her backyard. The sun was shining, birds chirping, her fountain was trickling with the soothing sounds of water flowing.  Her flowers are in full bloom and she’s created a real sacred space she enjoys spending time in.

Although I know Carolyn has a lot going on and she’s working hard to build a new online business, she told me she was going to spend time this afternoon lounging on her backyard swing and even taking a nap after that.

I was in awe. That all sounded so blissful when she said it.  Lounging.  Enjoying flowers.  Napping.  Pretty sweet afternoon if you ask me.

I had a long list of to-do’s stacked up from my week and was planning to spend the day grinding away through them.  Yeah, I guess there was a tad bit of self-pity going on when I heard her share this relaxing day she was going to have.

As I drove home and had my window down I was enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. I decided that it’s way too important that I be happy and bring a state of happiness to anything I’m working on instead of working hard.  Being happy is the first priority.

How to Be Happy

Me hiking with the puppies – Bear, Toby, Murphy and Sam.  Carolyn took this photo on Bishop’s peak last weekend.

Being happy is really a state of mind.  I decided when I got home that I would take it easy and get the things done I wanted to, but instead of working like a slave to a master, my work would not control me.  I changed my perception of my day and looked at what I wanted to do from a sense of purpose.

The work I do on my eating disorder recovery website, sharing bulimia recovery stories, writing on my bulimia recovery blog is all because I love it.  Because I want to make a difference in the world with my life.

There are thousands of articles online I’m sure you’ll find about how to be happy.  Take tips from them and do the ones that light you up.  But, the happiness already lives inside of you.  It’s up to you to let it out.  You can be happy in any moment if you choose it.  That’s what I did this morning after our hike and my afternoon has been joyful.  No struggle.  No pity.  No lack.  I rested when I felt like resting.  I lounged when I felt like lounging.  I worked when I felt the inspiration.

And I’m getting a ton of work done, too!  Being happy while I work has made everything flow with grace and ease.  I am spilling with ideas and inspiration instead of having to force ideas to the surface.  Give it a try for yourself. Oh, one last thought – did you see my post with 5 ways to be happy from a couple of weeks ago?  That one has some good distinctions about what makes us truly happy.  Not what you might think.

Thank you for visiting today and I hope you’ll share your comments below or ideas on what you do to get happy.  I look forward to learning what makes you happy.

Quick Update on Hayley

Hayley shared her bulimia story a few days ago and was asking for support and feedback.  I am touched by those of you who reached out to her to let her know you love and support her.  She emailed me yesterday saying she’s reached out to a woman who was like her second mum and felt completely loved by how she responded.  She said that – for the first time in her life – she feels like she’s finally taking steps towards her recovery journey.  So inspiring Hayley!!