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Bulimia Recovery Research Study (Australia) Seeking Particpants

I was recently contacted by Dr. Elysa Roberts, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Newcastle in Australia.  She is part of a group conducting a study and is looking for participants to work with them in the next few weeks/month. If you are interested, please see details below.University of Newcastle Logo


We are currently recruiting volunteers who might be willing to participate in an in-depth interview about the recovery process from Bulimia with the aim of gaining a better understanding of how the “occupational experiences”, i.e., activities, routines, habits and environmental changes, influenced recovery from Bulimia. The following are details about the project and attached are flyers in two forms that we’ve used or shared with others. 

Specifically, we are looking for a small number of:

  • English-speaking women
  • aged 28 or older
    with history of diagnosis of only Bulimia Nervosa (no other eating disorder history)
  • who received some medical, psychological and/or psychiatric treatment at some point in recovery
  • who assesses herself as recovered from Bulimia Nervosa for a considerable time and
  • is willing to share her experience in a confidential, audiotaped, semi-structured interview via SKYPE – the interview will take 1.5 – 2 hours, and can be completed in two parts as needed.

Those interested in participating or seeking additional information may contact me directly at +61 2 4921 6663 or by email at

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