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Help For Bulimia Recovery: Your Inner World Creates Your Outer World

I’d like to share with you what I experienced yesterday to provide you help for bulimia recovery – teaching by example.  I’m riding the high of yesterday as I step into today.  Yesterday was one of those gloriously joyous days that you just want to go on forever and milk every last bit of energy and joy from.

Oh, by the way enthusiasm comes from the root en-theos which means “inspired by God” or “with Spirit” – don’t quote me, but that’s how I remember it.   I just know that the excitement or enthusiasm I feel is because I’m allowing Source to work through me as a vessel.  It’s those days when you know you’re in the flow of life.  What’s trying to unfold at the Universal, higher place, is allowed to. I wasn’t in the way of it, I was just a vessel for it and that’s why I felt so darn great!

Why Am I Feeling So Darn Good?

Yesterday I met with a couple of dear friends who I’ve been working with to help me learn about the world of collaboration and partnership.  You see, for my whole life I’ve been a solo entrepreneur who’s felt I needed to do everything myself.  If I wanted to create something I felt I would have to create it from scratch and that can be a big burden to carry. I realized, thanks to some friendly coaching from my master mind group, that I was not allowing in the beauty of collaboration to help me grow things to the next level.

I’ve been exploring the concept of collaboration in my heart, my energetic center, and my thoughts.  I would take in what people would tell me and just started working from a place of “being a collaboration partner”.  Well, great things started to open up.  Yesterday was sort of a culmination of all of that work.  I celebrated the success of bringing to life a new partnership relationship with a friend and eating disorder recovery therapist I respect and we’re going to be building a group mentorship program together.  I’m truly inspired by who she is as a person and know the things we’ll create will be magical and powerful.  Really, really able to help people with bulimia take big steps towards lasting recovery.  It gives me chills just thinking about it!

Teaching By Example

Last night I attended my local university’s (Cal Poly) entrepreneurship club meeting because I enjoy the energy of young entrepreneurs (they see so much possibility!).  I went there to learn more about marketing online and by the end of the evening I was in the front of the room teaching and sharing ideas with the students.  The meeting went about a half hour over because they had so many great questions.  I feel so alive when I’m in the front of a room sharing what I love to do.

The impactful thing for me was to realize when I got home that I taught that class by example.  It was one of the first times in my life I’ve been able to teach from practical experience instead of just knowing what to do.  I am actually doing it and I was able to demonstrate some of the ideas I had for them just by showing them my eating disorder recovery website and this bulimia blog.

There’s a piece of art I have on the wall in my home that I bought in Bali that has a saying on it from Ghandi:

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony”. 

I think I feel so good today because yesterday I was living my mission statement of teaching by example.  I’ve seen how in past years when I’ve taught classes on entrepreneurship I didn’t have examples of my own and felt a little empty about that.   Not that I couldn’t find an example of someone else doing something, but nothing of my own to share.  That left me aching to do my own website and blog.  Ha – and you’re here reading about it and so I guess I’m actually doing it now!  Ghandi know a thing or two about true happiness and I believe his motto is truth…for me anyway.

Point of Vibrational Attraction

Depending upon how old you are you may have experienced what I’m about to share, but maybe with a slightly different example.  I’ve learned in my life that the best time to find a job is when you have one.  Or when you are looking for work you seem to get a lot of offers once you have the first offer.  It’s sort of that once you’re a match to what you want vibrationally, you begin to attract more of it into your life.

That’s what I think is starting to occur for me because yesterday I was being pure positive energy.  Pure joy in my work, in my teaching and in my relationship with people.  I was also being collaboration.  Well, this morning I received an email from a woman I admire very much, Shaye Boddington of Shaye’s a true pioneer in the world of eating disorder recovery on the web and asked me if I’d be interested in working with her to spread the message of her online eating disorder recovery program.

I almost fell out of my chair because I feel I’m so new in the eating disorder support community, but I at the same time see myself becoming a leader and champion for women’s empowerment. Guess it’s only natural I would work with someone I regard as much as Shaye.  I’ll be connecting with her over the coming days/weeks and I’ll keep you posted as I learn more in-depth about how her programs provide help for bulimia recovery. I know she’s a little powerhouse, so I can’t wait to meet with her and share what I learn with you here.  Keep an eye out for a post here soon.

One Final Thought

Just wanted to close by saying we also put an offer in on a house last night. It has 4 other offers on it so it’s pretty competitive landscape.  We have our hearts open to having a new home soon, so if this is the house that’s meant to be ours, then I’ll be sharing that with you soon, as well.

I guess what I want to leave you with today is the idea that sometimes we can feel great inside, we can be focusing upon what we want and the outer world may not be showing us what it is we’re feeling inside.  Don’t give up hope that what you want to have happen will manifest.  It will.  It does every day.

I’ve turned more and more of my will over to Source and now see myself as the co-creator of my life.  My inner world (thoughts/feelings) is the work I’m supposed to be focused upon and the Source within me does a the heavy lifting.  I had things coming at me in all directions yesterday filled with opportunity and it’s not because I was picking up the phone and trying to “make things happen”.  I was being a point of positive energy and vibrating what I wanted.  The Universe then had to deliver those things into my reality.  My outer world has to match what I feel inside.  That’s how the law of attraction really works.