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Bulimia Stories: Feel Good Now

I just love listening to Abraham-Hicks videos.  The bulimia stories and various addiction, recovery and self-help teachings from Abraham and the students who seek personal growth have taught me so much.

I’m always excited to share great videos I stumble upon.  There are so many and in this one I enjoy their message about the power of feeling good now.  Because of the Law of Attraction, whatever I’m feeling now I’ll continue to bring about, create and get more of in my future.

So, if you want to have better and better things happen in your future it’s important you feel good now.  Feeling good now is where your power lies.  If you practice feeling good now, then tomorrow will look even better than today.

It’s so important for you to practice appreciation, love and feeling good in the present moment.  Deciding to feel good now, now, now will attract to you more good things in your future.  Not only will you positively affect you future, but you’ll feel good in your now.  That’s what we all want, isn’t it?  Start by finding ways to feel good now.  Look for things in your life to enjoy and focus upon them.

I’ve decided to feel good now.  I hope you will, too.  Enjoy this wonderful video about the power and importance of feeling good now. Thanks for watching!