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Bulimia Support – The Stream of Well Being

While bulimia support can take many forms I think the best thing I can offer you today is to share what I’ve been noticing in my life over the past few days.  The more I come to understand Abraham’s teachings around the power of getting happy NOW, the more I’m playing with that power to create what I want in my life.

I believe we’re here as powerful creators to sift through life experiences so we can ask for what we want, trust that we deserve it and it will happen and then allow it by feeling good.  Up to this point I’ll admit I pretty much had the asking part down.  Solid.  I could pray, intend and feel the feeling of what I wanted like a pro.  Yet, I’ve noticed I haven’t manifested everything I wanted.  Lots of things have come, but not all of them.  Granted I’ve changed my mind here and there along the way on a few things, but for the most part I’ve had some big requests out there that I’ve held myself apart from.

I think I’m finally allowing in the teaching that my feeling good is the most important thing to manifesting the life of my dreams.  Actually, good feelings is why we really want the things we want – we think in the having of them we’ll feel better.  We’re human and we take great pleasure in experiences what we want come to reality through our five senses.

As I was listening to this Abraham Hicks video the other day where Wayne Dyer (see bottom of page) was asking questions of Abraham.  I have to admit, I’m a huge fan of Wayne Dyer so to hear him and Abraham sharing an exchange was like watching your favorite sporting team win a championship for this personal development student.

I highly recommend the message in the Wayne Dyer video, but what I was touched by when I listened to it was the being-ness, the presence and energetic sense that Wayne was vibrating at.  I started to notice that he’s vibrated at that same high state during all of the programs I’ve ever watched/listened to.  He’s a master self-help teacher and sells millions of copies of books and CD’s every year.

Ok, back to my point.  When I look at what Wayne Dyer has manifested in his life in terms of material things and, most importantly, the incredible ripple effect his consciousness has had on millions of people I am amazed and inspired by him.

When I hear Abraham talk about alignment with Source I realize alignment is happiness and a positive attitude (outlook or vibration).  It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, what I say or how my life looks at the moment.  If I can change my internal vibration (or attitude) and just stay as close to pure positive energy then I believe things will start to shift naturally, effortlessly.

I’ve been trying this on and it’s working!  I’ll give you just a couple of examples, but know there are probably dozens more smaller ones I could relay.  The first one is around our hunt for a new house.  We’ve been looking for a long time and have put numerous offers in, but nothing’s come together.  Well, last week I went to look at a house more or less to rule it out from our search because it didn’t look all that great in the pictures online.

So I drive by to see the house and it’s pretty awesome.  Well, it’s actually quite a fixer upper, but I see a ton of potential!  Ordinarily I’d ask our agent to put in an offer with us putting the minimal amount down.  That night for whatever reason we had the idea to contact my husband’s Mom about a loan and she agreed to loan us the down payment money.  Just like that!  I had a lot of hesitation and thought she may never do it.  I told my husband after we hung up with her “we just bought that house”.  We submitted the offer and I feel really good this is going to come together.  Stay tuned!

The second thing that’s emerging even better than I had expected is a team of interns to work with me this summer on my bulimia recovery mentoring program and promotions.  I spoke at our local university two weeks ago, interviewed a few great students, made two of them an offer and they both accepted.  I’m super excited to have them coming aboard because they’re smart, entrepreneurial and have that inner fire that will always make them successful.  Again…stay tuned!

I share all of this with you because I’m really beginning to get the importance of feeling good.  I have been listening to Abraham for many years, more so recently, and it’s taken me this long to finally “get it”.  Abraham talks about the Stream of Well Being that’s flowing around us all the time.  It’s our job to get into our personal stream of well being by getting happy.  Noticing our feelings and caring that we feel good is the most important thing we can do for ourselves.

The past week or so I’ve been doing that like a champ and life’s really presenting me with miraculous results.  If something doesn’t make me feel good I either stop it or just change my attitude about it.  There’s always a bright side to things if you just look.  It can take work and practice, but I think I’m getting the hang of this feeling good as a priority idea.  My ego self wants to insert struggle and work into the equation, but I just keep hearing Abraham say “get happy” and that reminds me that it doesn’t require work or struggle to be happy.  It just takes choosing it.

I hope I’m making some sense today and you are following what I’m trying to share.  Below are two great videos that I hope you’ll enjoy from Abraham-Hicks.  The first one is the Wayne Dyer session I mentioned earlier.

This one’s called Get Happy!

I appreciate your comments and stories so please share them on my bulimia blog below.  Here’s to your happiness!