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Real Grace Under Pressure

I had the opportunity recently to witness real grace under pressure and I want to share some insights about living today and life’s pressures.

A dear friend of mine is having some pretty interesting life changes taking place all at the same time.  I’m talking every area of her life (health, love, work, finances) are in turmoil!  Ok, maybe not turmoil, but for many people the upsets and breakdowns would knock most of us to the curb and we’d have to tap out and sit out the next round until we recovered.  The chaos that is swirling around her is unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed in my life…or at least I think so.

The friend I’m talking about is one of my Maoi sisters (my tribe, my master mind group) and she shared with us that:

1. She’s in love with a man who used to live where we live and has moved to the other side of the world and is rejecting having a relationship with her, but at the same time telling her to move around the world to come work for him for the next six months.

2. She had an evaluation at work and thinks her boss is working up to firing her.

3. She had to move out of the place she was renting with her two young boys by herself to live with a friend for 2 weeks until her new house is available to move into.

4. She’s financially tapped and living paycheck to paycheck (what I like to refer to as “working hard for nothing”).

5. She’s about to put herself on a cleanse because she’s been overdoing it with caffeine, sugar and chocolate.

Whew, I’m exhausted just writing that!

The reason I share all this is because while all of this crap is swirling around in my friend’s life she’s totally grounded in her life and in her power.  She said to me today “I feel so strong.  I think I’m the strongest I’ve ever been in my life right now.  If I should forget that, I want you to remind me of it, ok?”

She sort of said it in passing, but in the moment I was left with this sense of complete awe.  I reflected on this woman, my friend, this spirit who’s in my life for a reason.  I reflected on the grace she is BEing.  Her sense of self and connectedness to who she is and Spirit is so strong it’s truly inspiring to me.

She tells me sometimes she wishes she was doing some of the things I’m doing right now with my life such as running my business, having people connect with me about how I’m helping them and buying a house.  It’s funny how you can live in your life and look to someone else’s life and wish you had what they had.  Today I looked at her life and wished I had her….GRACE.

Grace to me is living in a place where whatever comes up is responded to, not reacted to.  Whatever you experience in your life is do-able.  It might seem insurmountable or impossible, but you don’t give up.  You just plug away at whatever is in front of you to be done.  You act from a sense of knowing you’re capable, you’re wonderful, you’ll always come out on top and the Universe is conspiring to make your life great.

Well, my friend is all of that.  She IS grace.  She’s BEing grace under all of these insurmountable pressures and challenges and doing so with a smile and a sense of deep purpose that none of what’s happening is wrong or a mistake or meant to do anything but bring her further on her path and grow her as a spiritual being.

The last thing I want to say about this whole situation is that as a spiritual being myself – one open to learning from the lives of others – I am grown just by being around her.  I had a rough day, heck a rough week (we just moved, too!) and I’m exhausted by all of the demands of life.  Yet, when I paused and reflected upon who she was being and the nature she was going about her day, her responsibilities I was sourced to be grace, too.

What’s cool about this is that we have teachers around us all the time.  In fact, I believe in any relationship we’re either a teacher and/or a student.  Sometimes one or the other.  I want to remind you to look around you when you see someone being unreasonable in a set of circumstances that calls them to be more than they could be.  Like my friend who’s BEing grace under tremendous pressure.  She is demonstrating to me by her actions that I’m capable, too, of being grace under pressure.  And exactly how it’s done.

When we go to a yoga or aerobics class we expect the teacher at the front of the room to demonstrate for us how to be or “do” yoga or aerobics.  I want to remind you that there are amazing people around you all day long who are demonstrating for you (and me) how to BE.

I’ll leave you with one final thought that I think of all the time when I’m called to be much more than I think I can be in a moment….

How would the person I want to be do the thing I’m about to do?

That question has always called me to be my higher self.  To be the ME I sometimes forget I’m meant to BE.

I hope this reminds you that you’re meant to be great.  You ARE great.  You’re supposed to be, do and have great things in your life.  Find your higher self, your highest calling and intent and BE that person.

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