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Bulimia Support Tip: Think a New Thought

In our weekly bulimia support calls for my recovery mentoring program I shared that thoughts are things and beliefs are just thoughts you keep thinking.

Adopting a new belief like “I’m a non-bulimic” seems foreign at first.

It was for me, too.

Yet, creating a supportive belief like “I’m a non-bulimic” will help you in your eating disorder recovery much more so than holding onto the belief that you are a bulimic.  The reason it feels so weird, awkward or like a lie is because the vibration – or belief – you have activated within you is the opposite.

Some professionals and experts may disagree, but I believe you can shift your beliefs when you start affirming and thinking positive statements about what you want to be true more often than you activate the negative.
[polly_newsletter_form] If I hold onto a thought like “I hate my body.  It’s disgusting and awfuldo you think things will start to happen to my body both inside and out to make that reality?  I do.  I believe if I think thoughts like that often enough that I’ll manifest all sorts of bodily conditions and situations around me that prove to my body that I hate it and it’s awful.

The reason I believe this is because I prayed for years when I first had bulimia (ages 14-18) for the ability to eat whatever I wanted and not get fat.  (I think that’s pretty much what bulimics – and a lot of women in general- want.)  They enjoy food enough that they want to eat, but don’t want to be fat because of it – otherwise they’d be anorexic.

By the time I turned 20 I had developed hypothyroidism (Graves Disease) which made my thyroid grow to about ten times its normal size.  The thyroid is sort of the body’s regulating mechanism and it’s tied to things like heart rate, metabolism and blood pressure.  Because of this I was literally eating anything I wanted and didn’t get fat.

As I look back on that time in my life and given what I know now about the power of the mind and thoughts/beliefs I believe I manifested that bodily condition as a result of my eating disorder.


Think Empowering Thoughts

What I want you to get from this is that our thoughts (minds) are powerful weapons in the battle to beat bulimia.  If saying, “I’m non-bulimic” seems foreign or awkward to you that’s because you have activated a thought or belief different from it.

If you want eating disorder recovery to be your reality, start activating the thought “I’m a non-bulimic” more and more often.  Yes, it will feel like a lie for awhile. I get it.  I’ve been there so I know how strange it seems.

But I suggest that the longer you hold onto that new thought and it starts to create a shift within you the natural outcome will be relief from all of your urges to binge and purge.  It may not happen overnight, might take a few days or weeks…or months.  Depends on how often you practice the new thought.  Depends on how activated you have the other thought.  Depends on your willingness to let it work on you.  Depends on a lot.  Most importantly it depends on what you expect. If you expect it to work, I believe it eventually will.

In time, if you activate the new thought and can create a new belief the belief will start to run the show.  You might be surprised one day when the thought that comes from your subconscious in the future isn’t a non-supportive , Negative Nelly, but instead an empowering thought that puts you further on track to reinforce that new belief.  The thoughts and impulses you begin to have are ones that will reinforce that new belief.

A New Thought, A New You

If you’ve made it this far and are wondering in the back of you mind…”could this really be true?  Could that work for me?” I say…what have you got to lose?

Try out a new thought and think or practice it regularly.  Set a reminder or post some notes around your house, desk, car or wherever that remind you of your new thought.  The more often you can practice that thought when you’re feeling good the better.  When you’re sad, lonely or depressed is probably not the best time to reach for that thought.  It could backlash because the thoughts/feelings are so opposite.  If the thought upsets you more, let it go.  Reach for the best feeling thought you can at the time.(hint – those words are the best medicine you can ever take right there)

When you have your energy back at a peaceful, more balanced or hopeful place that’s a good time to reach for this new thought.  If you can practice it for at least 30-60 seconds at a time you’ll multiply the power of the thought immeasurably.

So, now it’s up to you to give it a try and report back below what happens.  If you do it and have good results, please come back and share what you get.

I love success stories and good news.  It uplifts us all.

Enjoy the process.  Be light about it.