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You Have to Care About How You Feel – Lesson 1 of 7 from Abraham-Hicks Workshop

In this series of blog posts are my Top 7 Lessons learned from attending my first Abraham-Hicks workshop last weekend. Here’s a list of the lessons and stay tuned for links to the posts to read them all over the next week.

Lesson 1: You have to care about how you feel.

Lesson 2: There are no setbacks in life.

Lesson 3: Speak only about what you want.

Lesson 4: We create reality from our vibrational atmosphere.

Lesson 5: The path is being laid out for you.

Lesson 6: Stop beating yourself up for where you are.

Lesson 7: You get rid of doubt by not having it.

Lesson 1 – You Have to Care About How You Feel

If you were sitting across from me right now and I was sharing these lessons with you I would look you straight in the eye, make sure you knew I was completely present with you by making eye-to-eye contact, and all things around us were quiet.  I know…I’m getting a tad serious.  Hang with me just a sec.  I really, really want you to get the impact of this first lesson.



Abraham must have said that phrase 5, 6 or maybe 10 times at various points during the workshop.  It was  the most important take away I got out of the entire workshop. Let me elaborate a little to help bring this into focus for you.

You have an inner, emotional guidance system within you (you were born with it). I like to call it an inner compass. It’s reflected in your emotions. Some people would say your gut, your intuition, perhaps your solar plexus where you get a “sense” of how you feel.  Granted, I’ve experienced that emotions can have physical manifestations in other parts of the body.  But, for the most part when you ask someone where they “feel” something they’ll usually point between their heart and belly.

Our emotions are an indication of whether we’re aligned with our highest self, Source, the Universe, God or whatever you want to call it.  I’ll share more in Lesson 5 about how the guidance works, but for now know that when we feel good we’re on our path to what we want and when we feel bad we’re off track.

When Abraham said that you have to care about how you feel it’s really true if we want to be happy and fulfilled. You have to notice what you’re feeling and be able to slow down momentum/thoughts when you get started on a path that doesn’t feel good so you can stay on track to what it is you most want.  If you’ve read my post about the process of manifestation you know that

Beliefs –>  Thoughts –>  Feelings  –>  Actions –> Results

Our beliefs (or vibrational atmosphere) allow us to generate/attract thoughts which create feelings inside us.  We then act based upon how we feel and get results in our life.  A short cut is to say you get what you think about.  Or our thoughts become things in the world.

This is how we create from the vibrational world of thought and realize things in the physical world.

If we’re not paying close attention to our feelings so we can catch our thoughts before they get off track headed in a direction we don’t want them to go, we get crappy results in our life. The reverse is true for how we effectively create the results we DO want.  When we pay attention to the things that make us feel really good and keep focused/thinking those thoughts and more thoughts come to join them then we get the results we want for ourselves.

Pretty cool, huh?

This may be the first you’re hearing about all of this, but maybe not. I suspect if you’re tuning in and are at this point, then it’s resonating with you and you’re actually remembering that you already knew all of this.  I’m just reminding you what you knew when you came into this world.

Let’s get back to the lesson, shall we?

You have to care about how you feel.

So you may be asking…

“What do I do with this lesson?”

“What does this mean to me in my life?”

“How do I apply or practice this in my daily life now that I’m remembering it and realizing how key it is to getting what I want out of life?”

As I ease back into my daily life after riding the high of seeing Abraham I’m asking myself these same questions.  Here’s to how I’m going to incorporate this into my life:

    1. It’s important I pay even greater attention to my feelings.  I do that by being present and checking in.  Being conscious of my atmosphere all the time.

1. When I find myself on something positive I’m going to enhance the feeling.  I want to detach from the condition that created it so I don’t become tied to that condition creating the feeling. I just want to amplify the feeling inside. I might intentionally think a few thoughts that resonate with the feeling. I might think about past or possible future things that relate to it to get the energy going faster and faster, stronger and stronger.

2. When I find myself out of tune with what I want (feeling less than happy like bored, frustrated, angry, etc) I will recognize what I’m focused on, what meaning I’m giving to the situation and then go general with my thoughts. I’ll say things like “this too shall pass”, “everything is always working out for me”, “I’m not sure why this happened, but I’m sure it’s here to serve me because there are not accidents”, “what else could this mean” or just “I don’t have to focus on this right now” to shift my attention all together.

3. I’m going to stop doing things that don’t feel good before I do them.  For example, I’m thinking about discontinuing a relationship I have with this new friend I met a few months ago.  When we’re together we have good and bad times.  Sometimes we have good fun and that’s great.  However, sometimes he can be a downer and as much as I try to stay aligned with what I want I sometimes let his energy bring me down.  I’m realizing I need to start moving away from that friendship and towards friends that lift me up. It’s not worth trying to get him to come up to my high flying place.

4. I’m definitely going to continue to foster my morning process each day.  It’s the best thing I know of to set myself up for a positive vibrational atmosphere every day.

5. Lastly, I’m going to continue on my path and daily practice of feeling some of the things that I’ve previously contradicted in my energy by thinking thoughts contrary to what I want.  I hereby declare I’m allowing in my vortex of creation in the areas of:

  • Being a wanderer – to enjoy living my most bohemian, nature-loving self.  A wise woman who travels the world in style when she wants, goes where she wants, meeting new, joyous people and seeing all that there is that’s amazing in this word. The feelings I now experience from this:  happy, fun, playful, new, sensual, confident, cared-for, guided and clear!
  • Being a teacher, leader and guide – to thrive while I continue my personal growth and expansion while sharing my life’s lessons with the world in transformative ways. The feelings I now experience from this:  confident, contributing, expansive, helpful, purposeful, aligned and guided, fun, vital and alive!
  • Being a sassy, sexy, playful woman – to allow my essential feminine energy to fully express in the world in and through me in all of my relationships. The feelings I now experience from this: juicy, delicious, passion, exotic, warm, proud, bold, fun, free and jazz-hands!
  • Being financially independent – to receive with ease an abundance of financial well being that allows me freedom of choice in various areas of my life.  The feelings I now experience from this: confidence, comfort, security, ease, grace, calm yet excited!

There’s so much I want to share with you about the Abraham-Hicks workshop and I’m excited that I had the inspiration to share these 7 Lessons with you.  I’m sure more will come than these insights. Yet, I’ve learned from attending a lot of workshops like this that if I revisit the material for the first 7 days after the meeting that I’ll retain about 80% of the content. My intention is to retain 100% and put into practice what I’m intending here (and future lessons) so that I can continue my never-ending, beautiful expansion into higher and higher levels of what’s possible for my life.

I wish the same for you.  Are you inspired to attend a workshop?  Are you inspired to play along with what I’m creating here and try these out for yourself?  Maybe come up with your own list…yes? 

Remember to share your comments below or email me privately if you’d like to connect.

With love and light,