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Train Your Mind for Change

Break Free from Bulimia: 5 Steps for Lasting Change

Feeling frustrated [with yourself] and want to create a lasting change in your life? Here's inspiration for sharing the steps to lasting change... As I’m writing this I’ve just returned from volunteering for 5 days in Los Angeles at Tony…

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When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt.

How to Turn Self-Doubt Into Self-Confidence (VIDEO)

Loved this quote I came across today… “When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt.” I’m in a personal inquiry around playing a bigger game – and stepping up! It requires me to examine where and when…

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Nikki Dubose Recovered Bulimic Anorexic Interview

Interview With Fashion Model Nikki Dubose

I’ve been reading the recently released memoir of Nikki Dubose called Washed Away: From Darkness to Light. I sense so much hope from this woman and her life's message.  To read about what she’s been through and how she is…

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Polly’s Rant: Let That Shit Go

I'm on Day 14 of my 30 day Happiness Challenge and I just hit a bump I couldn't bounce right back from...quickly. [Friendly warning: this is going to sound like a complete rant 'cause I need to get this off…

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Start Each Day With A Positive Thought

What Would Polly Do?

As I enter my 10th year of bulimia recovery sometimes I forget how much it helps to share my life and experiences with people who are still struggling to find their way to lasting recovery. I had an opportunity to…

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When Exercise Becomes Addictive (Hypergymnasia)

Guest post by Leslie Vandever There are so many good reasons to exercise. Exercise builds and maintains strong muscles and bones. Exercise burns calories that might otherwise be unused and stored as fat, and it helps to maintain a healthy…

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