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We Create Reality from Our Vibrational Atmosphere – Lesson 4 of 7 from Abraham-Hicks Workshop

This is so perfect.  This is lesson 4 in my series about insights I gained from my first Abraham Hicks workshop last weekend.

And you know what…I’m in a negative vibration as I sit down to write this!  You may wonder why I’m excited about being in a negative vibration when I’m writing.

I’m in the process of learning to adjust and manage my emotional state.  I usually focus and put myself in a peak state when I write here so that all of the love and joy I can allow to flow comes through.

But, you know what….sometimes we’re not our highest self.  We don’t always allow ourselves to be in that peak state.  I’ve learned through trial and error that it’s just as important not to beat myself up.  It doesn’t serve me to be mean to myself.

What’s cool is I’ve committed to writing this series no matter what this week and to allow that to unfold I’m writing from wherever I am in the moment.  That’s how we grow right?  We put ourselves outside our comfort zone and that’s where the magic happens.

In case you’re just starting reading this series with this post, here is the full set of topics I’m working on.  If you want to read more about my insights and lessons from the Abraham Hicks event, check out all of them:

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Lesson 3: Speak only about what you want.

Lesson 4: We create reality from our vibrational atmosphere.

Lesson 5: The path is being laid out for you.

Lesson 6: Stop beating yourself up for where you are.

Lesson 7: You get rid of doubt by not having it.

Lesson 4: We Create Reality from Our Vibrational Atmosphere

This is so cool.  Getting to write this for you as I’m in the middle of my emotional work!  What I want you to understand, and I sort of hinted about it yesterday when I said that I felt like a liar because I don’t always process things as smoothly as I might wish or write about, is that I’m a work in progress. Ha!  I’m here to tell you that every day I find an opportunity to work on myself from the inside out. And I think that’s really cool.

What’s great about this opportunity is I can share a little about what I’m working on right this very moment- creating our reality from our vibrational atmosphere.

I’m so excited!

As I type this it’s Wednesday evening and by my inner clock it feels like it should be Friday evening.  This week has been quite full already and I’m pooped.  Emotionally and physically I’m running on fumes.

I’ve noticed when I get overly tired or hungry my body kicks in and my energy changes, my emotions become stronger and louder. I was actually just reflecting in my own mind the strange cravings I’ve had today and wondered if my biochemicals might be off today.  I realize I forgot to take my supplements, so maybe that has something to add to the mix (ya know…hormones, chemicals, nutrients for the brain, etc).

Anyway, let me refocus and knock out some points, shall we?

  1. What is our vibrational atmosphere?  I think this was the first time I heard Abraham talk about our emotional/vibrational set point – or where we are energetically – as our emotional atmosphere. I like the idea.  To me atmosphere means what tone, what attitude, what space am I creating for things to come to me from.  If I’m a big magnet, and I am, my atmosphere seems to me like what polarity am I creating that’s going to attract to me.  If I’m thinking, focusing on, and giving meanings to the things in my life that are negative or wrong then guess what….I’m going to get/attract more of that crap.  Trust me, I’ve been playing with this intentional vibration setting to know that if I’m in a high flying place then I’m going to bump into really nice, happy, people and circumstances and if I’m not I get the opposite.
  2. “I create my own reality by conjuring a feeling within myself that I have total control over.” That’s something I wrote in my notes and as I re-read that I’m just blown away at the life experiences I have in mind that totally back that up!  I want to emphasize the “…that I have total control over” part.  I’ve noticed we are usually pretty sloppy in our thinking and therefore we get sloppy results (ie.a lot of what we don’t want to experience). Ultimately, what shows up is more of what-is (reality) because we haven’t taken the time to focus beyond what is.  If we’re not deliberately choosing our thoughts, monitoring how we feel and choosing what to focus on, give meaning to how can we ever expect to have a different life?! (that’s big…you might want to read that a couple of times) The power, yes the power, is in our hands to shift all of this so that our experience, our life really, is what we choose it to be.  If you’re not experiencing that in your life today it’s because you’ve forgotten you have this control over your emotions…your focus…your thoughts. I’m here to remind you you totally fucking do.  So quit screwing around with what is and focus on what you want would ya?! (speaking to myself here at the moment, too, ha ha)
  3. You create the conditions for what manifests and unfolds in your life.  Damn that’s good stuff. Read that one again, too.  I want you to totally get that we’re doing this to ourselves.  We’ve got to take responsibility for our energy, our vibrational atmosphere, in order to have any power over what comes about in our future. This is good news! I wholeheartedly believe that my future is in my hands…and so is yours. If you’ve forgotten that, it’s time to wake up!  Look back on your past and you can’t find one single example of an event or a person that came into your life that wasn’t supposed to be there.  Whether they brought you a gift, you brought them a gift, they taught you something that helped you grow or vice versa, the situation helped you come to a new understanding of what you want in your future or you simply decided what you were no longer willing to accept and set a new standard for yourself.  It’s all totally purposeful is what I’m getting at.  We create the atmosphere for what shows up by setting our vibrational tone.  Holy crap…that’s so huge!

Damn, I’ve gotta stop.  I’m off track. I’m getting wound up.  Wound up in a good way now.  I’m writing and this is flowing like a leaky faucet. See how we build momentum?!


I wanted to share a few things that have happened since I started writing.  One, my kitties are my vortex triggers.  They remind me to be happy, carefree and loving.  Well, my kitties have been all over me for pets and rolling around in front of me stretching and purring to remind me to chill out.  And, guess what, it’s worked.  I’m feeling a lot lighter and happier than when I started this a little earlier.  Kudos for having reminders in our environment of love, light and joy.  Blessings.

The second thing is that I’ve noticed is a change in the weather.  When I started writing it was totally warm and muggy.  It started to get windy and kinda weird….like it was about rain (and I’m outside so that would have been bad for my laptop).  Then, as my post started to evolve and my vibration started to slow down and get happy (thank you kitties), the weather has changed.  It’s now totally cool and calm.  I’m now enveloped in a stillness in the air, a calm and moderate temperature that’s totally pleasing to me. More blessings.

[/end sidebar] [begin personal rant]

The whole process of living fully as I see it is tuning into your happiest, most loving self and expressing it in the world. Ok…how  do we do that?  Well, I’m realizing that guidance from Source/God is always lighting the path before our feet to help us realize our full expression.  When I’m feeling good, I’m aligned with the path.  When I’m off in the weeds I feel crummy. Sometimes I’m anxious, I’m frustrated, I’m bitter.  Those emotions don’t serve me or the world around me.

I can honestly say this post has come out like water flows downhill and if I were to edit it like my usual perfectionist self I would find all sorts of stuff to change.  But, ya know, there’s something important for you and me to get out of this post that me making it perfect will break.  It won’t have the imperfect, yet perfect, impact that it’s supposed to have.

This is the raw and ragged me right here.  The ever evolving me that you’re seeing.  You’re not seeing the part of me that has her hair done just right each morning, puts lipstick on before she meets a friend for coffee, the me that sucks her belly in when someone shoots a picture at the beach.  Ha! You’re seeing the nature-loving, life is real, this is all of me ba-by side that doesn’t give a fuck what people think and wants to be heard for who she is.  She’s just as much a part of who I am as the buttoned up writer you’re used to hearing from.  I know this resonates with you because we all have a raw side of ourselves that we don’t always let the world see.

It’s the inner fight between our different selves that sometimes causes us to struggle.  The raw side of us that so wants to come out and express in the world we often squish down and lock up inside. We quiet that self so the polished self can be the one the world sees.  The one that gets all the kudos and recognition.  Well, screw that!  This is me, too!  This is my zany, wacky, fun-loving, doesn’t give a damn self speaking for the moment.  And ya know what? All of us is welcome.  All of our personalities are what make us who we are.

Without the many facets that make up me I wouldn’t be me.  I wouldn’t be able to distinguish between what I want and what my mother or society or my boss or whomever I’m trying to please at the moment thinks I should be.

Geez, I don’t know why this rant needed to come out but there it is.  I just wanted to continue to express from a place of totally allowing you to see me in my non-polished ways.  I’m being totally authentic with you and I didn’t write this from a place that all is perfect when it isn’t. I think you and I both needed to see that it’s ok to just be.

I expect this post is going to sound a little strange to many of you who have read my posts before.  Who knows what will happen, but my whole intention with this blog is to be as vulnerable with you as possible so that you can start to get real with yourself, with me and those around you.  You (and me) being inauthentic isn’t serving the world.  It’s time we come clean.  It’s time we play, and dance, and love, and forgive, and express and be our delicious, generous selves that knows our goodness and the love that is all around us at all times.

God, what a mess. This post is all over the place.  And ya know what?  So what?! It’s fantastic because it’s just like us.

I hope my little journey here has allowed you to connect with a new self inside – whatever that may be – that you maybe haven’t allowed to express in a long time.  It’s time to tune into her.  Yes, her.  You know…her.  The one spirit inside you that you quiet the most, but feel the loudest. The vibrant, joyous lover inside you that’s excited when you let your hair down, turn the music up and dance when no one’s watching.

The you that you really want to be.  That you that you long to let loose…to trust.  How about we both let more of her out this week?  What have we got to lose, right?  Better…what have we got to gain? The rewards can be so rich, so et’s be honest and be more of her.

Really BE her for awhile.

[/end rant]

Well, I’ve let go of and moved the energy on a lot with this and I thank you for listening.  For being a part of this journey with me.

What’s next?  What’s next for us?  What’s next for you?  What will you do from this new place?

Please be sure to share your comments below and stay tuned for the entire series.

Lesson 1: You have to care about how you feel.

Lesson 2: There are no setbacks in life.

Lesson 3: Speak only about what you want.

Lesson 4: We create reality from our vibrational atmosphere.

Lesson 5: The path is being laid out for you.

Lesson 6: Stop beating yourself up for where you are.

Lesson 7: You get rid of doubt by not having it.

With love and light,