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Best Eating Disorder Blogs of 2012

My blog is one of the top 18 eating disorder blogs of 2012 according to Wow – I didn’t know there was an award for that!

How awesome is that?!

If you’ve ever found yourself with a writing project you know the ups and downs of trying to create something worth reading. Something that hopefully sound interesting, perhaps teaches the reader something and at best inspires action or transformation in them. Being a blogger is a lot like life. I see the highs and lows in my own writing and wonder if any of this is making a-n-y sense to people.

It’s nice to receive this award because it shows me someone took the time to look at my “body of work” and found it was worth sharing. That is great news because I want the messages about bulimia recovery that I have experienced to get out there…like in a massively huge way!

Today I am In The Vortex

Today I woke up in the vortex and everything just seems to be in the flow. I’m appreciating the world around me and especially the inner calm within me. I listened to an Abraham Hicks video this morning and it was all about the mantra “all is well and getting weller”.

When we have an inner conversation going on that’s uplifting and full of vitality we can’t help but be that and that’s what we’ll attract by the law of attraction to us. As I got ready for my day and at each step I’m seeing grace and ease and flow. It’s truly amazing when you’re this tuned in how joyous, relaxed and light everything around you is.


As I am preparing for my Spiritual Warrior Mentoring call tonight the idea that came to me to share with the warriors on the call is this…

In order for things to change first I must change.

Otherwise, nothing much will change.

When I change, everything will change for me.

It is law. Universal energy/vibration kind of law right there. I see women going about their lives in suffering and depression and it’s because they’re not yet willing to change their inner game…the inner conversations they’re having (with their body, mind and spirit).

When I recognize what shows up in mylife is a direct reflection of who I’m being and how I see myself (self-image) I am instantly responsible for everything in my life.  There’s HUGE value in that!  When I’m having trouble in my marriage, I recognize that it’s because there’s something I’ve got mixed up in my energy.  I don’t look for my husband to change I look for me to change if I want different results. I step back, look at who I’ve been BE-ing and I act from that powerful point rather than blaming or complaining about my husband’s ways.  Works every time.

Are you getting the results you want in your life?

If not, have a look at how you see yourself and identify where you’re taking away your own power, own that you can change and then start seeing yourself differently.  The world around you will change.  I’m telling you it’s like miraculous.  I’ve seen it over and over again in my life. I take less action from a place of I’m wrong/broken or the other person needs to change and instead take responsibility and start being who I want to be instead.  People around me just change because I’m being different.

Ok, how the heck did I get off on that rant?  Who knows….

Anyway, just wanted to share what’s there for me today and hope it helps you, too.

Thanks to my bulimia blog readers (and for reading this because a blogger without readers is like a sunset without someone to take it in.  It takes both to make it live in the world.