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Eating Disorder Recovery: Feel Relief in Positive Thoughts

Part of my eating disorder recovery practice is continually learning how to love myself, exploring my personal growth and inner self.  One of my favorite sources of growth at this point in my bulimia recovery is the teachings of Abraham.

I’m excited to share this Abraham Hicks video with you about manifesting your desires.  When I had bulimia I could never really see myself living without the daily binging and purging.  It felt like it would never go away.  It seemed miserable to live this secret life no one knew about, but I couldn’t find my way to getting out of the cycle.

Over the years I’ve studied from many teachers and recently the teachings of Abraham have taught me so much about the law of attraction, our emotional guidance system and the power of our thoughts (which create our feelings).  It took some practice, but my ability to manifest what I want in my life – including my eating disorder recovery – were all possible because I finally learned about this material.

There is only one reason to have a desire that has not manifested yet and that is because you’re thinking the opposite of what you really want.  The art of allowing is about being conscious of your thoughts and living your life – reaching for the feeling – that matches your desire.

This video is a little long (13 minutes), but I share it with you because it has wonderful teachings about the power of our thoughts and is one of my favorites.  I feel empowered every time I watch it.  I hope you enjoy.