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Eating Disorder TV Show – Casting Call

There is a new TV show in the works called “Breaking the Cycle” from Cineflix Productions. I received a memo this week from one of the casting directors looking for parents or people with eating disorders who would like to participate.

Here’s what the casting director had to say about the upcoming program and who they’re interested in helping with this program (either as a participant or as a viewer).  If you’re interested, the email for the casting director  is at the bottom or by enlarging (clicking) on the image of the flyer below.

I’m helping to cast a new show about issues facing youth and their families. The issues discussed will range from substance abuse, to body image issues, to anger management problems, anxiety and depression, and a host of other behaviors and issues that are often passed from parent to child, or influenced by familial attitudes or situations.
This is an emotionally powerful series designed to help both parents and children write a new future for themselves. In each episode we’ll follow two stories featuring a therapist host working with families to stop history repeating itself, bring parents closer to their children, and help all involved to make good choices and cope with hardships in new, healthier ways.
Click here to open flyerWe are currently looking for participants.  We want to make the best, most honest show possible, and to do that we need to reach people who will truly benefit from the counseling and follow-up care the show provides.

I realize we are asking people to discuss personal struggles that they may not wish to readily offer to the TV viewing public, but this show is also a great opportunity for people to share their stories and show that
these things can be overcome. It’s a chance to get hands-on help and touch and inspire young people and families facing similar challenges.
I believe strongly in this program and the therapists we have on board, and I’d love for us to use the powerful medium of television to it’s fullest by helping a young person and their family live their best

Contact: cineflixcasting1 @ (without the spaces).

This was sent to me by Erika, the casting director at Cineflix.

My hope this program will help anyone who does move forward with the counseling and support the program has to offer.  I also hope anyone who watches will benefit by watching someone else’s journey in order to see that recovery is possible.  There’s work to beating an eating disorder – yes.  But the only way to recovery is through (i.e. you can’t skip over or go around the work).  The work is inner work and your recovery lies within and ahead for you.

With love and light,