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Three Feel Good Videos

My husband and I were spending time browsing some of our favorite videos and I’m inspired to share a few.  In recovery, bulimia support comes in many forms.  Doing what makes me feel good, raises my vibration or even moves me to joyful tears is worth sharing.

As my husband and I watched this first one today he was moved to tears…so were several of the people in the video itself.  I won’t share the whole thing, but in this first video the young man is trying out for a Korea version of American Idol having raised himself on the streets from the age of five by selling candy and sodas on the streets.  Amazing.  Inspiring.  Uplifting.  Enjoy…


This second video is a very popular one I’ve seen going around on Facebook, so maybe you’ve seen it before.  It’s another one that moves my husband to tears.  This is a live, acoustic version of Beyonce singing Halo with her backup singers at a cancer ward.  This one will definitely raise your vibration.

This last bulimia support video I want to share comes from my favorite teacher these days, Abraham-Hicks. In this video Abraham talks about the importance of our vibration, our emotional state and how it affects what we manifest.  We are like a magnet.  We attract an exact match to what we’re vibrating.  To change what’s showing up in our life, we must change our inner vibration.  That comes about from focusing our attention, our thoughts and our energy towards bulimia recovery.  Looking in the direction of where we want to be instead of where we’ve been..and even where we are.   I hope this video helps you create a shift from wherever your vibration is to an even higher point of attraction.  I guarantee that will allow your reality to shift and for things to look better and better.  Have a listen…

If you’ve watched one, two or all three videos I hope you’ll share below on my bulimia blog what’s coming up for you.  Are you feeling better?  Does your outlook on life seem better?  This is how we create the shift we want in our life.  We watch, we read, we listen to whatever makes us feel better.  The better we feel, the more we’ll attract to feel better and better about.

So…what would you like to share?