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Find Bulimia Support Within – The Power of Focus

I was up late last night reading through a bulimia story that Hayley submitted on my eating disorder recovery website (  Hayley’s a sweet girl from England who is really struggling right now with her bulimia.  She’s offered up her story and is welcoming comments from the community, so if you have a few minutes and could share some light and love with her, I know she’d appreciate your support.  You can read her bulimia story here.

The Power of Focus

I was inspired this morning as I went for my morning walk with the power of our focus.  I read a book many years ago by one of my favorite personal transformation teachers, Jack Canfield, called The Power of Focus.  Jack really gets this stuff and teaches it in an easy-to-absorb way. He was in the movie The Secret about the Law of Attraction.  You’re probably familiar with that one and possibly this book.

The Power of Focus - Jack Canfield

Anyway, what I was present to as I remembered the power our focus has to bring about or keep us from what we want to experience in our life.  What we focus on expands.  When I share with people the idea of self-mentoring, self-help or self support for bulimia it seems like a bit of a stretch. I can tell you I wasn’t very good at this years ago, that’s why it took me 20 years to finally beat bulimia and get on with my life.

What I know now is that what I choose to put my focus and attention on is what becomes my vibration and that vibration attracts to me what I’m focusing upon.  I have a close friend who I love dearly who’s been freaking out and overwhelmed because her inbox at work has like 250-300 emails at any time.  She tries and tries to get her inbox unloaded each day, but they keep piling up.  I think she’s told me about her inbox every day I’ve seen her for a week or two.

When I thought about for myself if I kept reminding myself that my inbox had 250 emails in it and telling other people I realized I’d be feeling overwhelmed, too!  I asked her (lovingly) yesterday to stop reminding me (and herself) how many emails she has and just focus on having a nice, empty inbox.  She’s done a lot of personal transformation work herself, so she got what I was saying quickly.  I think my awareness of her focus and now her awareness of where she’s putting her focus will start to shift that for her.  The emails will be there – for awhile.  She may still have 250 in a month from now, but I know in my heart if she chooses to focus on something else and not remind herself (or me) of what-is, then her future won’t be filled with more of what-is.

What Is Doesn’t Matter

I’d like to share a little more about what is and how it doesn’t matter with you as it relates to me and my life.  My husband and I have been wanting to buy a house for about a year.  We’ve looked and looked and put in offer after offer over the past 12 months.  And I’ve come to realize a couple of things that I’ve been doing to prevent that from happening.  First, the town where we are renting now (San Luis Obispo) is somewhat expensive in our part of California to afford for buying a home.  It’s less expensive to buy a home about 20 – 30 minutes away and commute.

Because I’d so love to have a nice home in a nice neighborhood and all that stuff I was saying that we’d have to live outside of SLO to have what we want.  I would see evidence of it (what is) all day long because the emails from our Realtor don’t show houses in SLO that we would want to live in that we could afford.

My new realization is that I’ve been avoiding my power source – my focus.  My vibrational alignment with what I truly want is the only way that house we want in SLO is going to manifest.  Now that I recognized I was doing this I’ve been walking around in the neighborhood I want to live in and looking at the houses each morning in that area and saying to the houses (and Universe) “are you our new home?”….”is that the one we’re going to live in?”.

What I’m present to as I go on my early morning walk in the dark through my new neighborhood is how good the area feels to me, how much I love the houses there, how deserving we are of living in that area and owning our own home.  I’ve come to a place today that I was brought to tears as I looked at this charming home on a street I’d love to live on that spoke to me.  I realize that I already owned that home in my heart.  Our home is alive in my future, in my vortex, in my vibrational reality.  The Universe has already made it ours.

My work now is to keep my focus on appreciating life, feeling good and knowing (throughout my body) that it is already ours.  That’s where I’m choosing to put my focus and I believe that very soon I will be writing that we’ve moved into our new home.  I also know that it’s not going to come about through our Realtor or by reading alerts of homes for sale because the home we want is going to come to us in an unusual way that I don’t yet know.

Bulimia Support…From Within

Why I share this with you and Hayley’s bulimia story is because I can tell when I read Hayley’s story that she would like and benefit from the support of our recovery community.  I believe very much in the power of a bulimia support group – whether it’s online or in person.  If you have a connection to someone or a group, your will is that much stronger. It’s why we tend to get in shape when we have an exercise coach or buddy.

I don’t know where you are in your recovery path, but if you’re moving ahead and you’re feeling stronger than weaker, I’d like you to try on this self-support idea.  Become your own mentor. You have much more time you spend alone than with your support group or sponsor.  Supporting yourself from within by learning to choose your focus, paying attention to what you’re focused upon, how you’re feeling and responding to things is the best self-help you can do for yourself.

I hope this has been helpful and, as always, I love hearing from you on my bulimia recovery blog.  Please share your comments below and make it a great day by choosing to focus on what you want!