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Good Feeling Videos – Enjoy and Share!

I’m tickled to share a few new favorite good feeling videos with you.  If these don’t help increase your vibration, raise your spirits or send you over the moon with love…then listen to them a few times until they do. :-)

I hope you’ve read my post about the Abraham Hicks practice for the morning process.  If you have, then you know I’m a huge fan of setting your vibrational tone each morning with intention.

This weekend I decided to do a 180 degree shift from the prior two weeks.  After working for 12 days straight (had a business conference last weekend), I was just plain pooped.  I felt my tank was nearly empty and I was running on fumes.  I decided this weekend needed to be a self-loving, take care of ME weekend.

Saturday was a day of indulgence.  I took some notes when I started the day of the things I was indulging in and those included….

  • no to do list (a real first for this type-A!)
  • laid in bed for two hours after waking up (partially listening to Abraham videos)
  • made a fresh fruit salad for breakfast, enjoying every fresh, delicious bite
  • took a friend’s dog for a run on a favorite trail near the beach
  • went window shopping, just strolling along lazily
  • enjoyed a nutritious, yummy lunch at a favorite restaurant with a beautiful view
…and on and on this went all weekend.  My goal: get happy and stay happy by doing whatever felt good (i.e. no plans).  I feel the past 48 hours have been the longest stretch of pure bliss, peace, joy and deliberate self-loving that I’ve done in a looong time…perhaps ever, really.

I’ve had a lot of insights that will lead to future blog posts, but I hope with this post to share two things.  First, be really, really good to yourself.  Especially when you’ve had a rough or challenging time.  You are responsible for refiling your own well; be sure you do what you need to do so you feel filled up and ready to head out into your life.  You’re not your highest possible self if you’re not taking care of your mind/body/spirit.

Second, I went for a 45 minute walk this evening and it was totally divine (aka in the Vortex).  The animals, the birds, the weather, and everything I came into contact was pure joy.  I put myself into a good feeling place before I left by setting my intention to just enjoy the walk.  I didn’t have to “get a good workout”, I didn’t have to hurry because I had plenty of time before the sunset so I could enjoy just walking.

On my walk I listened to a few videos I want to share with you. I think these videos would make for great morning process videos to listen to before you get out of bed each day to set your vibrational tone.  I hope you’ll enjoy them.

I look forward to reading your comments – or email me a question if there’s something I can help you with.

I love hearing from you!

With love and light,