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A Day Full of Gratitude – My Lessons Learned

My intention today as I awoke was to be grateful.  I recalled from all of the Abraham Hicks videos I’ve been listening to lately that we are most receptive and able to set our vibrational tone for the day first thing in the morning.

I’ve been playing with this for a few weeks now.  Some days I jump right on a high flying disk and off I go.  Some days I jump on a high flying disk and crash and burn by breakfast…or lunch.  That’s ok.  I know that at night I release my resistance and step back into full alignment with my Self.

This morning I did what I’ve been practicing for a few weeks now and that is intentionally reflect upon the things I have to be grateful for.  Like a cozy bed with flannel sheets that feels amazing when it’s cold in my bedroom.  Like the sunrise out my window with the reddish sky speckled with big, fluffy white clouds that looks like out of a wild west movie.  Like the silence and stillness of my house before things start to move around.
I was really on a roll this morning.

And I didn’t want it to stop.

So I let it get better and better and better.

I decided after I’d spent about an hour just blissing out in bed that I wasn’t going to stop when I set foot on the floor. I decided before I got out of bed that I would spend as much time as I could be conscious of saying Thank You today.  I would say it to each and everything I came into contact with.  I said thank you for this and thank you for that and bless this and bless that.  Today I had the luxury of having set aside nearly every hour aside as “me” time so I wasn’t to be distracted with interactions with people.  I think that made a difference.  I’ve noticed it’s a lot easier to stay the gratitude course when I’m alone.  The real practice will begin the more I try to bring this practice into my more routine day.  Heading to the office on Monday would be a wonderful opportunity to practice this level of gratitude and appreciation.

I thought I would at least share a few things I’ve noticed today to inspire you to give this gratitude for a day thing a try for yourself:

1. Peace – probably the most profound thing I’ve been present to all day today is a stable, grounded sense of peace.  A sense of peace that feels like both feet are deeply rooted in the Earth.  In the present.  In the flow. Moment to moment I was much more here than I have been in weeks.

2. Connectedness – I usually carry with me a connected sense that Source is always here, but today, thanks to #1 above and the sense of grounding, I was also more aligned with my true nature.  I read a post a friend shared on Facebook this morning – reminding us to practice at least five minutes a day to remember our true nature; LOVE.  She said something like…say to yourself at least 10 times “I am love”.  I did that and it was fantastic.  I learned many years ago that we are ALL LOVE.  Our true nature, deep down within us there is one magical being and it is love.  Today I was more present to my own inner love and I owe it to being in a state of appreciation.  I guess appreciating other things is a way of spreading love and you can’t spread love without first having it and connecting to it.

3. Ease – maybe today was filled with ease because I didn’t have a huge agenda, or maybe I didn’t have a huge agenda because I was being at peace and present.  Whichever came first, today was beautifully easy…and fluid…and delicious…and deep.

4. Fulfillment – one of the biggest surprises today was how little time I found my mind wandering to my troubles, worries or struggles.  Just goes to show you if you’re filling your glass with love and appreciation, you won’t go hungry trying to eat your way through your emotions. In fact, today is day 1 of my quarterly cleanse.  And I have to admit it was actually the easiest first day of a cleanse I think I’ve ever had.  I rarely if at all thought about food or being hungry.  My mind was so preoccupied with noticing and appreciating every thing I came into contact with there wasn’t room for negativity.  As a matter of fact I did find myself starting to slowly go down a road of worry this afternoon, but it’s like it had no momentum.  These thoughts of worry that I’ve recently been preoccupied with that would normally take me out and have me all tangled up with fear and doubt had no charge.  I found myself a few minutes into thinking about them and I was able to easily and simply navigate back to my high flying vibration.  Now that’s what I’m talking about!I’ve heard Abraham talk about how the more you practice getting on your high flying disk early and staying on it that you’ll get better and better at it.  You will get so good at it that you won’t be able to stand it when you’re not.  I wouldn’t say that when I found myself off my high flying disk I was upset or angry at myself.  I merely recognized that I had dipped into a lower place and I was able to go general, shift the energy and step back up to my higher energy state.

Gosh, today has been a really, really great day. I’m loving my life.  I’m grateful for these lessons and for what’s unfolding.

I know in my heart that the “work” I did today in spending soooo many hours in appreciation that some freakin’ amazing things are going to be unfolding very soon.  Thanks to the law of attraction, I know that the place that I’m now attracting from will allow me to have access to a new area of my life and things will begin to unfold in magical and exciting ways.

Look out world!  I’m ready for the next level!

I hope you’ll play with this.  Try on spending every moment of one day (or a half day to start) in appreciation.  I’m talking noticing and saying thanks for everything.  Thank you toothbrush.  Thank you beautiful shower curtain.  Thank you garden.  Thank you car.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Like a prayer or mantra that you say to everything your eyes come in contact with.

As I wrap up the day, I say thank you to YOU.  Thank you for listening.  Thank you for all that you do to make this world a better place.  Thank you for your willingness to study and explore your life in search of answers to your questions.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of that exploration and journey.  Thank you for not settling for a life that’s good enough.  Thank you for stretching yourself to be whole, complete and loving of yourself.  Thank you for your comments and feedback.  Thank you for your compassion towards yourself, the people in our community and the world.  Your willingness to step into appreciation changes the course of all of our lives and I thank you for doing so.