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My Happiness Project (aka My Authenticity & Joy Project)

The Happiness ProjectAs I was traveling back from my last vacation in November, I picked up a copy of The Happiness Project in the airport.  The book is a fast read. Partly because of the style of writing, but also because it aligns with something I’m up to at this point in my life.  Well, every point in my life actually.


I think we all are really.  At different times in my life I’ve felt I was supposed to be doing this or that.  Finding my true purpose they call it.  I even attended an [excellent] workshop called “Life Directions” by T. Harv Eker almost 8 years ago.
I’ve read books on the subject of finding your purpose. I’ve read people’s blogs about it.  Recently I’ve even noticed a trend of people wanting “spiritual entrepreneurs” or “creativity consultants” to find their calling so they can “change the world”.

Man that sounds enticing, doesn’t it!?

Sounds like a noble and rewarding pursuit. Something worthy of investing ones time in…day in and day out.  The everyday life and work I’m living seems to pale in comparison.  Makes me want to jump in and sign up.

But I know from a deeper place there’s something else.

First, I want to clear up the idea that I believe there’s anything I need to change about the world.  I don’t and it doesn’t.  The world is fabulous just the way it is.  People are amazing just the way they are.  If there is anything I want to change in this world it’s me and my perceptions. I want to continue to awaken to my own true nature. To release my non-supportive beliefs and small, ego self.

I want to awaken more deeply my authentic Self.

Ok, back to The Happiness Project book.  When I read Gretchen’s book I was intrigued by her process, her self discovery, her journey.  All of it was beautiful and drew me in like a reality TV show, but in a good way.

Gretchen talked about people creating their own Happiness Projects and there is even a website to help you get started, create a group and spread more happiness in the world.

Believe me. I’m 100% in favor of it.

I think the world would benefit by us all feeling happier more of the time.

Which leads me to my project.  When I finished Gretchen’s book I knew a project like it was something I wanted to pursue.  I love using my life as a virtual classroom and enjoy exploring the depths of my ego, the heights of my spiritual nature and every where in between.  Just as my MasterMind partners do.  We have a call every week because we’re all up to that very thing and enjoy sharing with each other what we’re learning about ourselves and the world around us.

I sat down when I got back from vacation, re-read a lot of Gretchen’s book to be sure I understood what the Happiness Project would entail, how she did it and all the rest. When I started to identify what I wanted to approach each month I realized more happiness wasn’t my goal with this project.

Then what was it?


I wanted to have a deeper understanding of that word.  I wanted to have a deeper understanding of ME.  What I call my authentic Self.

I also wanted something that seems and sounds like happiness, but is a wee bit different – and comes from a little different place.

What was it?


Joy seems like something I know a little, but not a lot about. As I walk this road in my project over the next six months I have a feeling I’ll experience that emotion a lot more and understand how to create experiences of it more often.

Have you ever noticed that which you put your attention, your focus on, you begin to attract more of?  By focusing on authenticity and joy I expect to experience and spread into the world more of both.

Wanna play?

If you’re not totally turned off by now by the sound of my project, please read on. I’d love to have you on board with me, and if you’re up for the growth, maybe you can start your own project, too.

My Authenticity and Joy Project

I’d like to share a little here about what my guidelines are so you can see what I’m up to and intending.  You know when you put it out into the world and someone bears witness to us, we “get” our life.  By my putting this out there and sharing it with you I know just that act alone will help me create it in the world.  While we may not know each other intimately, I can tell you that by bearing witness to my project and my growth you are co-creating this with me.

You’re a big part of my personal transformation so I honor you and say Namaste.

The 12 Commandments

I’d like to start by sharing Gretchen’s 12 Commandments with you from her Happiness Project so you can get a sense of what she was up to in her work:

1. Be Gretchen.

2. Let it go.

3. Act the way I want to feel.

4. Do it now.

5. Be polite and be fair.

6. Enjoy the process.

7. Spend out.

8. Identify the problem.

9. Lighten up.

10. Do what ought to be done.

11. No calculation.

12. There is only love.

Gretchen shares on her blog tips for writing your own commandments.  Didn’t see this before I started, but I like what I came up with all the same.

Now I’d like to share the 12 Commandments from My Authenticity and Joy Project:

1. Be authentic.

2. Appreciate everything.

3. Speak my truth with compassion.

4. Trust the Universe.

5. Act as if.

6. Let go of now and catch up to vibrational reality.

7.  Acknowledge the messenger and the set up.

8. Go with the stream.

9. Stop, breathe and tune in.

10. Go general.

11. Be bold.  Be brave.

12. Feel the abundance.

I had a few stragglers that I didn’t know what to do with, so these two are kind of reminders I guess.  Maybe they’re the start of my secrets of adulthood – something else from Gretchen’s book.

When I’m upset I feel for the better feeling vibration I can find.

I practice vulnerability, compassion, empathy, grace, and ease.

Ok, so now you have my compass or guiding light.  What I’m focusing on and expressing in the world each day as an act of authenticity.  I printed out my commandments and have them on my desk beneath my computer so I can see them from time to time during the day.  Gretchen reads her daily.  I will start doing that, too.

Monthly Intentions

Gretchen’s project spanned 12 months.  The goal for mine is six months. I may extend it out if I’m really enjoying things and want to go deeper in a few new areas.  I’ve done several coaching programs in my life and most identify 12 areas of life that we can invest ourselves in.  Here are my six to start:

  • Vitality/Health
  • Marriage
  • Work
  • Leisure/Play
  • Relationships (Partners/Friends)
  • Money

I started in December with vitality and health.  I started it off sick as a dog with the flu.  Oh well, it’s better to start and do it poorly than not start at all I say.  And so I did.

Here are my December/Health and Vitality Intentions:

  • I am more flexible every day.
  • I start my day with meditation.
  • I eat for energy, not emotion.
  • I enjoy mental health workouts that uplift and strengthen me.
  • Relaxation and fun every day.
  • Take a break.
  • Nature breathes life.

I’ll share more on each one in coming weeks, I’m sure.  Well, there you have it.  The start of My Authenticity and Joy Project…now on the web for you and everyone to see.

And comment on, yes?

Will you share your thoughts or your project?

I invite you to create a project and share your commandments below.  Remember, it’s better to start and do it poorly than to not start at all.  Who knows where all of this will take us and that’s the fun of it.  I know I’ll be focusing more on being me, myself and I as much as possible and there will be joy.  Sounds like a darn good start to me.