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Need Help for Bulimia? I Believe in You

If you could use some help for bulimia today please remember one thing:

I believe in you.

I don’t know where you are in your life – if you’re young or old, binging and purging or in complete recovery, white or black, American, Indian, British, Australian, Mexican, Italian…it doesn’t matter to me.  What matters to me is that you’re here and you found this page.  If you’re here you’re probably somewhere in the process of dealing with or overcoming and eating disorder.   Wherever you are at is just perfect.  There’s no where else you’re supposed to be, no one else you’re supposed to be other than who you are in this moment.

Because you are you and we’re all interconnected I want to send you a loving message to let you know even if you don’t believe in you; even if your family doesn’t seem to believe in you; even if your friends have turned their back on you; even if your spouse or boyfriend has given up on you…
I believe in you.

I know you’re valuable to this world.  You’re important and that’s all that matters.

All is Well and Getting Weller

I was inspired to share these thoughts with you as I went for a walk and listened to this beautiful message from Abraham Hicks entitled “All is Well and Getting Weller”.  I will share some of my notes from this video and I encourage you to watch and enjoy for yourself.

Abraham’s recommended mantra to uplift your vibration wherever and whenever you can is:

All is well and getting weller.  All is well and getting weller!

If saying this upsets or challenges you, then reach for the best feeling mantra or thought you can find.  Find the best feeling words from wherever you are. Such as…

It’s going to be alright.

I know it’s going to be alright because it wasn’t alright and then it got alright and so it’s going to be alright.

Where you are is where you are and making peace with where you are is comforting. Don’t fight with where you are.  If the specifics of life are upsetting or breaking you down, then step back and get general.  Go general with your feelings and thoughts.  Like “this too shall pass”.

Remember that the emotions you feel are just indicators of what you’re focusing on.  Our thoughts create feelings. If you focus on separating yourself from Source then you’ll feel the negative feelings that comes with that.  You’re either letting yourself be who you are or you’re not. You’re aligned with you higher self or you’re focused on something less than that.

I am where I am and I can get to where I want to be no matter what.  

When I came into this body I determined that I wanted to have the contrast of life experience so that I could enjoy the variety and experiences on a myriad of topics.

As an eternal being you couldn’t bear the monotity of everything being ok.  Get used to feeling upset because that’s where growth comes from.  You can’t be finished, perfect and eternal at the same time.  You’ll always have upsets and breakdowns – they’re a part of you, an eternal soul, getting up to speed with who you’ve become.

Next Steps

May the message and uplifting vibration of listening to Abraham set your vibrational tone to one of peace and love.  When you find yourself in a negative emotion and facing things you can’t imagine that you created or attracted into your life, know that I believe in you and everything’s ok and whatever you’re facing at the moment is just a moment in your lifetime.  You’ll have millions of them.  Over a lifetime you and I will have many, many more peaceful, ease-filled, happy moments than sad, upset or frustrated moments.  It’s the nature of life.

Enjoy playing with this new mantra.

All really is well – and getting weller.