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How to Stop Being Bulimic – Let Your Cork Float

I receive a lot of emails from women who are struggling with how to stop being bulimic and want advice.  As I sift through all of their stories and my responses to them in my mind I had this visual pop into my head.

Recovery is like a wine cork floating on the surface of water.

At first it didn’t make sense to me, but I remembered listening to an Abraham Hicks video about how our natural state of being is joy, love and appreciation.  Feelings that uplift and connect us to our Source.  Just like the cork our attitude, our energy and our spirit want to rise to the top of the surface and be light and float-y.

When I think about what I did to myself for 20 years as I binged and purged my way through life I realize I DID IT. As I read Jackie’s anorexia recovery story this weekend and she said one of her lessons learned was
I did it. 

I survived my eating disorder and fought back because I finally decided I was worth it.

I was worth fighting for.

Well, if that’s true then every day I was living like under a spell with bulimia I was doing that, too.  So what does that have to do with the cork?  Well, if we are the cork and it’s natural for us to float to the surface and live a life of joy, abundance and love then it’s up to me if/when I hold my cork under the water.

What I didn’t realize then that I do now is that I’m responsible for whether my cork floats because I can consciously allow my cork to float or I can go unconscious, take a deep breath and hold my cork under the surface.  I can bob along on the surface or I can hold myself under water.


That was totally freeing for me!  I loved how Jackie said “there is pain in life but suffering is optional“.

It’s true!  I’m the one who holds my cork under water or allows in the well being so it floats.

I’m just brain dumping right now and thought I’d share a few things that came as insights for how I allow my cork to float.  Here goes:

1. When I am aware of my state and focus on feeling a little better moment by moment.

2. If I look for things to appreciate around me I will find things and my energy and attitude will align with love.

3. If I stay present when I have an urge to binge or think a negate thought and remember I’m bigger than my thoughts.

4. When I treat myself like a valuable human being worth loving I allow my cork to float.

That’s what came right away.  I hope all of this makes some sense if you want to know how to stop being bulimic.  It’s a little out there, but it all ties back to choice and I really think we have a choice to suffer or thrive.

I’m pretty tired today, but I’m not letting that be my focus. I ‘m focusing on what I can do to uplift myself and feel good in the moment. I may not feel outstanding, but that’s ok and if I just allow well being into my body, my heart and my spirit I will feel good.

Am I making any sense here? Can you relate to this metaphor? (Gosh I hope so)