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Today’s Idea for Bulimia Help – Ask Yourself This Critical Question

As I was thinking about a bulimia help tip I wanted to post on my blog, I was inspired to go back and listen to an earlier teacher of mine, Brian Tracy.  Brian Tracy is an amazing personal development speaker, teacher and author who has been teaching tools and techniques for goal setting and success since the 1980’s.  I first listened to his audio recordings when I started my sales career many years ago.

When I think about my goals in life and where I am with them I realize I have some work to do and thanks to Brian’s messages, I am reminded of his simple programs and tools for achieving anything we want in life.  When I listened to this video I was surprised by how simple, yet powerful his message was.

In this video Brian puts forth that anyone who has achieved anything they want in life spends the majority of their time focusing on what they want, what’s working in their life and where they want to go in the future.  I caught myself a few weeks ago in some negative self-talk and shared how I turned that around with discipline and conscious effort at thinking empowering thoughts.

I want to share this video as help for bulimia sufferers out there or just anyone who would like to move ahead towards a goal they have in their life.  In my eating disorder recovery I’ve learned that the power of the mind is a key component in lasting success and living the life you choose.

In his video below Brian Tracy teaches you to ask the all important question that will not only keep your momentum moving forward, your focus on the positive, solution-oriented answers you want but also invite your subconscious mind to participate in helping you reach your goals.  If your goal is to beat bulimia, I will remind you to ask yourself this question each day and then follow through with a daily practice that gets you there.

Instead of asking yourself these questions:

  • Will I ever overcome bulimia (or any other eating disorder)?
  • When will I ever be free from bulimia?
  • How come I’m still suffering with this eating disorder?
  • What’s wrong with me that I can’t beat ED?

Ask yourself this important question and only this question:


As in…

How do I overcome bulimia?

Simply asking this open-ended question will activate not only your conscious mind to come up with answers, but your subconscious mind will join in, too.  Asking how you’re going to do something whether it’s recovery from bulimia, financial success, a new job or a better relationship will bring solutions into your awareness.

Brian recommends writing out at least 20 things you can do to achieve your goal because in the process you’re forcing yourself to be creative and it may be the 20th thing that you come up with that you’ve been looking for.

I’m going to be practicing this for at least the next 30 days and I invite you to play along.