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Insight From Recovered Bulimic – Live and Learn

This insight came about in sort of an unusual way for my bulimia recovery blog.  But I figure if “my life is my message”, then whenever I have new insights about recovery I’ll share them.  Whether my learnings about life with bulimia come while hiking, in the shower or on vacation, I want to pass along what I’ve learned to you.

I’ve been on vacation for the past 4 days in Colombia with my husband.  We’re traveling around, seeing the sights, meeting wonderful travelers as we jump from hostel to hostel and bus to bus.  In our first hostel in Bogota someone reflected about a mis-step they made when they first landed in Venezuela from England and they very, very quickly learned the country was quite unsafe and they were harassed almost from the first minute.

We met this lovely couple at a hostel in Bogota and they talked of not speaking much Spanish and having to buy a return ticket at the airport when they were trying to buy the one ticket to get out of the country.  They said it sounded weird to HAVE to buy a ticket to get back when you’re leaving, but they wanted out and couldn’t understand and didn’t know better.  They didn’t have experience with this situation and so they did what the officials at the airport told them and left.

When they landed in Bogota they asked the ticket agents and they said there would be no reason they’d have to buy a return ticket.  The gentleman who was retelling us about his experience at the end said “Live and Learn”.

This couple learned by experience that they didn’t have to buy that return ticket.  Our new friend shrugged it off as a life lesson and moved on.

I’ve had more than one opportunity myself in the past four days of travel in a new country with next-to-no-Spanish skills that Live and Learn is a good motto.  In fact, as I reflected upon it more I realized that it totally applies to what I’ve learned in my bulimia recovery.

I was at the NEDA walk in my city a few weekends ago and what struck me the most as I listened to the speakers retell their bulimia and anorexia recovery stories is how much faster the women who got help or asked for help were able to recover.I say to myself now…live and learn.

If you’ve read my bulimia story, you know I had bulimia for 20 years (mostly on, but sometimes off for a few months here and there).  I was not interested in getting help and I have seen that people who ask for help – or take it even when it’s offered and are uncomfortable about it  – find their recovery progresses more quickly.

I’m 7 years into full recovery from bulimia (finally!) and I am sitting here now and able to say I’ve lived and learned.

If you want your recovery to start (or your bulimia to end) much sooner than 20 years, I’d strongly suggest getting help.  Find a sponsor, find a recovery buddy, find an online chat room.  Get a therapist or start going to an outpatient center and stick with it! (Here’s the support and treatments section of my bulimia recovery website for ideas)

Your life is worth it and you deserve to live every day free from bulimia. I hope you’ll learn from my living and get the lesson quickly.

Get help.

Get support.

Get recovery NOW.