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Laurie’s Eating Disorder Interview (coming soon)

Laurie’s Collage About ED

I just got off the phone with Laurie, who I was interviewing to have her share her eating disorder recovery story.  It was really great and we connected on many levels about our parents, things like collaging and the inner work we’ve both been doing for the past few years.

I had a brainstorm awhile back that I wanted to interview some of the women who’ve contacted me about their recovery.   I’ve learned from my own life experience, and hearing from other people, that there’s a lot to be learned by sharing eating disorder stories.  We can learn so much from each other.

I enjoyed sharing my story and those of other women on my website and blog (have you seen my ebook?).
What I wanted to do this month is to interview women who had bulimia or anorexia to hear their stories – live. To ask them for their lessons learned.  To hear the insights, tools and resources they used along the way that helped them strengthen their resolve while they tried to overcome bulimia or anorexia.

I’m just starting the interviews (Laurie’s the first one I did today) and I hope to keep doing the interviews as long as people find them to be helpful.  As soon as I can capture the recording and post it on my website, I will also post a link to it here on my blog.

What I’d really appreciate is if you have any questions you’d like answered about bulimia, about anorexia, about eating disorder recovery that you’d like us to answer, please post them below or email me.  I’m excited by what Laurie and I talked about during our call and hope you’ll get something out of it that will help you along your recovery road.