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We Get What We Expect

I’d like to propose a possible new concept for you:

We don’t get what we want

We get what we expect

It took me a few years to wrap my head around what that meant exactly.  I first heard it when I attended a Law of Attraction party in Austin, Texas many years ago.  The moderator gave me a card that had this saying on it and I thought it sounded a bit odd.  Sort of like when you don’t quite have the radio station you want tuned in 100%.  You can tell it’s the station you want to listen to and you can kind of make out what they’re saying, but you’re definitely not aligned with the signal.

It took me listening to an Abraham Hicks video about this same concept for me to finally “get it”.  What this means to me now is that if you believe we have to be a vibrational match to what we want in order for it to manifest, then if we don’t expect (or align) with what we want we’re not going to attract (or manifest it).

How does this work?

I’m still practicing working with this concept, but what I think it means to expect what you want is to believe you’ll get it.  To create a belief we have to focus on what we want for long enough to not have any resistance to it.


Here’s what I would suggest…

If you want something to come into your life but it hasn’t yet, then you first need to recognize where your vibration is.  Sort of like if you’re wanting to go to San Diego you need to know if you’re in Phoenix or San Francisco because where you go from each point is a little different.  Once you recognize how far you are from the thing you want, you need to find a thought that feels good about this thing that you want. Feel around for a thought until it feels good.  Going general around an idea usually allows you to get aligned with it more easily than being hyper specific.

Funny thing is I have studied with many teachers and they tell you to be super specific about what you want so the Universe knows exactly what it is you want.  Problem with that logic, in my opinion, is that if you’re vibrationally not a match for that you may actually repel the thing you want because your belief is so opposite of it at the moment (I’ve had that happen several times so I’ve shifted my belief to how this works and it’s started working).

After you realize the point of attraction (or belief or expectation) where you’re starting from and find a good feeling thought in the direction of what you want now it’s just a little thought training – or muscle building – around that thought to increase your vibration so it matches that which you want.


How quickly you’ll manifest what you want depends on a few things.  How far away you currently are from what you want actually has nothing to do with your ability to manifest it.  It has everything to do with your ability to change your belief or expectation around it coming to be.

To help you along the way I invite you to practice the new thought for at least a minute each day – and feel good about it.  Don’t do it like it’s work – struggle and effort won’t help.  Be light about it.

You can look for signals and indicators in your physical reality that start to show signs what you want is coming.  Sort of like when you think about buying a new car and as you drive around town you can’t help but see new cars everywhere.  Look for the same signs that what you’re focusing on is coming to you.  This will reinforce your thoughts, strengthen your belief and empower you to attract more quickly.

Catch yourself in the act

The next time you’re thinking about the thing you want, catch yourself in the moment and notice your vibration or expectation.  If you notice you’re feeling a little less that belief about it’s arrival you know you have a little work to do.  Find a better feeling thought and focus on that until you begin to feel better.  That will help the energy move and your vibrational attracting power.

One final note….talk to people as if it’s happening or even better as if it’s certain and already has happened.  It may sound a little strange the first time you speak it, but you’ll get better.  And don’t listen to disbelievers.  Their point of view has nothing to do with you getting what you want.

Here’s to successful manifesting!