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Law of Attraction & Abraham Hicks

Some of my favorite work on personal transformation comes from Abraham-Hicks with The Law of Attraction – or their latest work – The Vortex. I can’t say enough good things and could go on and on about how everyone who wants to expand their mind can get a lot from listening to their audio/videos.

I listen to their videos on YouTube whenever I’m out for a walk, getting ready in the morning or just need something to help me focus on the positive.  These are definitely not positive thinking messages, but their message is overall about being positive and connecting with your inner/higher source – your true essence.

Having bulimia can feel like a hell you never escape from.  I’m not sure where you are in your journey out of an eating disorder, but if you’re wanting some guidance on how to uncover the higher good within you or the reason things happen the way they do – please listen to Abraham-Hicks messages.


Tonight I was listening to a video from one of their live sessions about choosing the better feeling thought.  Abraham always reminds us to choose the better feeling thought when we’re feeling sad or out of alignment with our source.  I liked how he said we choose the fork in the road with every thought.  We either choose to go down the fork in the road towards negative and what we don’t want or toward the positive and what we ultimately want – happiness, or source.

Remembering that thoughts are vibrations and the universe responds to our vibrations I am reminded of one of my favorite mantras:

Everything happens for a reason and that reason is there to serve me.

It’s a prayer I remember when something uncomfortable, unexpected (negative) or downright bad happens in my life.  I was at a large box store this weekend making a return and the customer service person told me I needed to have the original box the item came in (I forgot the item even came in a box when I first purchased it) because it didn’t have a barcode on it.  At first I thought she’d offer to have someone go all the way to the back of the store to get one of the products and bring it to the front of the store where we were because that sure seemed the customer service kind of thing to do.  Nope.  She looked at me and said,


“I need one of the products so I can scan the barcode.”

She did not a flinch or hesitate – just looked at me with that sort of “uh, can you move along lady?” gaze.

As I asked my husband to wait for me while I walked all the way back to the aisle where the product was sold it took all of my energy and might to remind myself that this was happening for a reason.  I couldn’t at the time see any positive in the whole situation, but alas…it was my reality.  It was happening.

Something Abraham said tonight that caught my attention now that I reflect back on my return to the box store is that our present reality is the result of our past thoughts.  I attracted that situation into my life because of how I had thought, felt and vibrated sometime before.  Maybe it was last week, maybe last month or years ago. Whatever it was, somewhere in my past I had a negative vibration and put this into my present reality.

Well, the best way Abraham says to keep this from happening in the future is to correct the thought at the time.  So, instead of cursing the checker for making me walk to the back of the store and bring a product, I am now saying, “I created this negative situation in my reality because of a thought and vibration I had in my past.  I recognize it as my past vibration and I choose not to have it occur again in my future.  I want to have good things in my reality and when I am helped at a store, the service is exceptional.  The people are kind and gracious.  The feeling I am left with after an experience with a big box store (or any other store for that matter) clerk is one of happiness and ease.”

This really is the reality I prefer.  I own that my past reality and thinking created my today reality.  I also am grateful that my present day positive expectations and thoughts will create an ever-easier life for me in each day.

What about your life day that didn’t work can you own?  What can you take responsibility for and turn around so your tomorrow is filled with what you do want?

Try it on…you’ll be amazed how good it feels to release the past negative and to embrace and expect good things to come to you.