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Letting Go & Surrendering to What’s Trying to Happen

I’ve just returned from another Tony Robbins conference. This one was Date With Destiny in Palm Desert.  It was brilliant and I am still taking in all of the lessons…moment by moment really.

What there is to share today is a shift of perspective.  A paradigm shift perhaps.  A new way of being.  A new story.  Yeah…all of that I guess.

My life’s story sounds something like “type A, perfectionist, hard worker, disciplined, achiever…blah blah blah”.  I think you get the picture. (Sound familiar? Yeah, I thought so.)
If you’ve followed my blog and subscribed to my newsletter/videos for any time you know I’m a big fan of Abraham Hicks.  The lessons they’ve brought to my awareness have been so profound I can’t even express in words.

What I’m finally starting to own and step into is their perspective called the Art of Allowing.  The third step in the Law of Attraction process.  (step 1 – ask, step 2 – believe/it is given and step 3 – receive/allow)

How this art of allowing is taking shape in my life goes something like this…

  • the Universe has my back
  • the Universe has things lined up ahead of me and is waiting for me to relax and allow them to be revealed to me
  • rather than striving, suffering or struggling it’s about time to chill and receive what’s coming to me
  • instead of knowing “how” things are going to unfold, just “trust” they will better than I could expect
  • set my course and identify what I want to feel in life and let the Universe bring it to me
  • take massive action only when inspired from within
  • when I put things out there that I want and surrender or let them go, they come to me
  • striving for what I want keeps me tight and tense, pushing away what I want – instead I relax and receive
  • the Universe knows the fastest, easiest, shortest route to what I want most
  • the unexpected is the sweetest
  • when I let go of trying to make it happen, it can come to me
  • be happy on the journey, not just at the destination
  • my work is to ask and receive, the rest is given and coming to me
  • distracting myself from what seems most important allows magic and miracles to show up
  • don’t be attached to the package – just receive what form it comes in and be grateful for the gifts
  • everything is going to be ok…really
  • dance more
  • smile more
  • laugh more
  • shine more
  • be your beautiful self and let what’s trying to happen for you to come

I’ve said it before, but it’s always a beautiful reminder….

Align More, Resist Less

If you take on that as a mantra and just let that marinate in your mind for 1 day or 10 or 30 you will be dazzled with how much you can release.  How much you can allow.  The alignment with Source feels so sweet.

The resistance is self-perpetuating…if we let it (and I’ll admit I’m guilty sometimes!).  Resisting only causes us to separate our inner joy from what’s possible.  Instead…what if we…

  • trusted
  • loved
  • were open
  • allowed
  • aligned
  • believed
  • dreamed
  • accepted
  • cherished
  • blessed
  • thanked
  • acted
  • chilled
  • hugged
  • listened
  • whispered
  • shined
  • delighted

There is magic happening all around you.  I’m starting to recognize that magic as the Universe stepping in and gifting me with what I’ve been asking for.  When I let go, distract myself onto another subject instead of obsessing around what feels sooo important…life expresses through me.  I’m inspired to act and that action produces amazing results. The gifts from Source are shown to me in that alignment.  The things I’ve wanted most are delivered.  The beauty of my highest desires become my reality.

Here’s to letting our cork float and enjoying the ride to what we most want.  I hope you try this on for the next 30 days.  Will you play this game with me?!

Let me know how you’re doing by posting comments below.