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You are a toaster

I know that’s a strange headline, but it will become clear in a moment – trust me.

Have you ever had one of those days you just knew you were in the flow?  Your life was naturally unfolding and every decision you made was meaningful, made an impact in the world (or on someone’s life) and you just sensed things were happening….just the way they were supposed to?  That was today for me.

As I write this I’m tempted to say “I wish it would happen more often”, but that sounds like it’s not already happening every day in this way and instead I already know it really is and yet I’m not always aware of it.  Or, worse yet, I’m resisting it so I am frustrated by what is unfolding and making it wrong.  I let that all go and just appreciate today for what it was.  A day of peace within and with others.

You are the Toaster

I don’t want to keep you in suspense forever about the toaster thing so I’ll share with you where that line came from.  This video from Abraham Hicks is about the most clear talk about inner guidance I’ve ever listened to.  I hope you get something from this message…enjoy.


The stream is always perfect. Pure positive energy always flowing towards you.  You have ability to align, misalign, align with this energy stream.

I have a mood about this, I have a mood about that.  I am moody you say.  I feel in response to things.  The way you feel is your guidance.  Your emotional guidance system.

When your gas gauge is on empty you don’t take a hammer and clobber the gas gauge.  In the same way when you’re on empty you don’t stick a happy face sticker on it and ignore it.  Your gas gauge is there to give you an indication about the situation (how much gas you have/how much further you can travel before refueling).

Just like this gas gauge your feelings are an indication of your alignment with Source (God).  When you’re feeling bad feelings like guilt, anger, depression you’re mis-aligned.  Well being is your natural state.  When you feel these bad feelings it’s because you’re not allowing the well being.  The thoughts you’re thinking when you feel badly are causing those feelings.  If you feel badly it’s because you’re having negative thoughts.

Your emotions are your inner gas tank.  When you do things and think thoughts that align with God and the Source within you, you feel good.  Trust those feelings and be aware of them.  The more aware of them and the more you pay attention and trust them, the easier your life becomes.  When you ignore you intuition, your gut, your emotions – in that moment you ignore your higher wisdom.  The wisdom of the Universe.

Pure positive energy is the only stream that flows.  You’re either allowing it or you’re not. You’re allowing it a little or not allowing it a little.  Whatever you’re feeling is your emotions telling you whether you’re allowing the pure positive energy of Source to flow to you.

Begin to consider yourself a toaster that’s allowing the pure positive energy to flow through the wires from Source. The energy stream flows from Source, from God, and is either reaching you or not reaching you.  You may have some wires mixed up from programming you’ve received over the years, but you’re now aware of this guidance system and how it works.  You can choose to align with your Source, uncross your wires and trust that well being is your natural way of living.  Then enjoy the positive emotions that will flow as a result.

There’s no greater feeling than alignment.  Whenever you want to act or do something, first check in with your emotions about that action and take action only that’s in harmony with your guidance system.  If you get a feeling like “I could do that, but I really wouldn’t want to” that’s your guidance system telling you that’s not the right things to do.  The more you play with this and practice listening to guidance, the louder it becomes until it’s your dominant way of making decisions and guiding your daily life.

Gaiam TV Roll Out

I had such a packed day that it would probably take me several hours to convey to you all the exciting things that happened (believe me – I want to share them and will!).  The one that I am excited about now and will be sharing more about in the coming weeks is my connection with the Gaiam TV streaming network.  I received a really awesome call this morning from Nicole at Gaiam who welcomed me as an affiliate to their exclusive online video network. I didn’t realize how extensive their review process was – it took me more than a month to hear from them.

I have a lot of respect for the Gaiam enterprise and the people who are a part of it. You may not recognize the name Gaiam, but you’ve probably come into contact with their products somewhere in your life to this point.  I think they’re the ones who provide all of the yoga mats and videos to Barnes & Nobles (at least they do where I live).

Gaiam has collected and created an awesome network of videos from the likes of Deepak Choprah, Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer and more.  Gaiam TV is offering a free 10 day membership (sorry, it’s expired now) to allow people to check out their videos and then after that it’s only $9.95/month to receive unlimited access to all of the videos on their site.  For a video lover like me, that’s hot!  I already seen like 10 videos I can’t wait to watch.  We don’t have TV at our house so watching uplifting and inspiring videos are what we spend our relaxing time doing.  I’m so excited to start watching their videos and sharing them with you, too.

Aside from the great call I had with Gaiam I also had a wonderful call with a friend who’s an eating disorder therapist and life coach.  We’re just starting to talk about putting together a new group mentoring program this summer.  Keep your eyes and ears out for it.  We hope to have the program ready to go in May and it will probably be a 4 week group mentoring call that is going to start up in June.  If you want any early insights about the group calls, send me an email or leave a comment below.  I’ll share more details here as they unfold.

Thanks again!