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Life Will Never Be The Same Again – YES!

If you saw my previous post, you saw that I was heading to a Tony Robbins conference (Unleash the Power Within) last weekend.

A few people have asked me, “So, how was it?

It was hard, like really hard, for me not to jump them in that moment.

Like I had just freakin’ won the lottery kind of jump them.

I wanted to jump up and down and start screaming at the top of my lungs

I freakin’ rock! 

My life is OUTSTANDING! 

I will lead not follow! 

Now I am the VOICE!

But, then I came back into my socially acceptable self and responded to their question with a…”oh, that.  Yeah, it was great.”  Totally cool, calm and casual.  You know how it is when you’re lit up with love or excitement and if you showed it people would just think you were freakin’ nuts?

So, I fell back into my social status as this cool, calm, capable woman who gets stuff done.

But, here on my blog I can rock the house!

So, now that YOU have asked how was my weekend I can share with more enthusiasm and authenticity.  Thank you for that!

I LOVE MY LIFE!!!!!!!!

The conference was AMAZING in so many ways.  I’m so blessed I had the opportunity to attend. I had breakthrough after breakthrough. I met incredible people. I saw a new vision for my life that is deeply inspiring to me.

I signed up for Tony’s Mastery University because I believe my personal development is the most important thing I can do for my mental, emotional and spiritual self.  Period.

I gifted myself with this program and so my first course is in May (yes, like 8 weeks).  Get this…it’s in freakin’ Fiji.

Wait, did you catch that? It’s in Fiji!!!

Like palm trees, white beaches, blue water and warm temps.  I feel better already just picturing myself there.

I say this not to turn you off, but to inspire you to gift yourself with your own personal development path.  What course or program would you sign up for today if you knew you were the center of your Universe?  If you knew that everything in your life works out and all of the reasons why you’re not doing it will get handled as soon as you say YES to the course?  Whatever course or idea you just had – DO IT!  I mean it.  Please don’t let reasons like “I don’t have the money” or “I don’t have the time” or “It’s too hard” or “I don’t know how” get in your way.

Girlfriend, if you let these excuses get in your way here you’re letting them get in your way in other areas of your life, too.  Just sayin’! These excuses have you tied up in a box and are keeping you from growing.

If you’re in your comfort zone YOU ARE DYING.  In this Universe, the biggest creature to the smallest cell knows if it’s not growing it’s dying.  Living in your comfort zone is dying because you’re not reaching beyond yourself.  You’re not taking on something new for your life.  You’re not stretching your boundaries.

That sucks.

Comfort zone = dying.

That double sucks, don’t you think?

So what’s worth shouting from the rooftops?!

Growth = Living

and I like to add my flair…

Growing –> Living  –> Thriving!

Thriving comes from enjoying the growth.  Thriving comes from knowing your limiting beliefs, fears and patterns and marching right on past them.  I sat in the audience at Tony’s event this weekend and had those earlier statements cross my mind (especially the “I don’t have the money” one (it’s a $10k program) – that was like my default excuse for everything) and I stepped up.

I did it anyway.

That’s me being bigger than my fears.  Bigger than any obstacle to getting there. 

That’s me showing the Universe I’m on the court of my life and ready to play with whatever growth and possibilities it has in store for me.

I believe my life is turning out great.  I believe the Universe is conspiring to create a magical life for me.

How do I know it’s working out? 

I don’t.

I just [choose to] believe it.

Call it blind faith.  Call it connection to my inner source from where I am fed deeply and intuitively by all great things.  Whatever it is it gives me confidence that whatever I step out and into will turn out for the best and at the very least I’ll learn something.

I’m totally rambling and typing about 100 words per minute ’cause this stuff is just flowing out of me because I’m in a state of love for me and you!  Loving that you’re here reading this and that I’m here expressing myself.  Both give me juice to keep going.  I so love you and know that you, too, can be thriving.

Life is meant to be enjoyed.  In what area are you really IN-joying your life?

If you don’t have one, GO FREAKIN’ GET ONE!  Find something in your life that lights you up and get after it with passion and conviction.  If you’re not living with passion you’re dying a long, slow death.  That is NOT what you were born to do.  You (and me) were born to thrive and grow.

Are you up for all of this?  Are you up for growing and not dying? Are you up for lighting yourself up and the world around you with your spirit?  If so, tell me now…what are you going to do about it?

Let’s rock this planet damn it!  Let’s go out there and kick some massive butt and show the world we are empowered women who take a stand for themselves and don’t let anything get in their way.

Scream this chant with me:

  • Now I am the voice!
  • I lead, not follow!
  • I believe, not doubt!
  • I create, not destroy!
  • I am a force for good!
  • I am a leader!
  • Deffffy the odds!
  • Set a new standard!
  • Step up!
  • Step up!
  • Step up!
  • YES! YES! YES!

That my friend is an empowering incantation if you’re in a peak state. If you’re not in a peak state that’s probably just really freakin’ annoying.  Get yourself in a peak state by changing the music to something off the charts and dancing around until you feel unstoppable.  Then come back and say these words again!

I’m so on fire it’s awesome.  I’m ready to light up the world.  Are you with me?!

Let’s let our light shine and may the darkness dim while we walk the planet. Yes!!