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‘Me’ Time – The Other Side of Giving and How it Can Help with a Binge Eating Disorder

Ever notice how so many of us make ourselves a last priority?

And women tend to be particularly guilty of making themselves their own last priority.  With all the many things we have on our plate, this can certainly exacerbate the effects of bulimia or any existing binge eating disorder.  Big surprise!

We give to our family. We give to our children.  We give to our jobs.  We make sure that none of these are losing out in any way. At the same time, however, there is much of ourselves that gets left behind or overlooked. Not only can this hinder you in overcoming bulimia (or other ED) it can also negatively impact your health and relationships.

Consider the many reasons why you should positively create some ME Time

  • Having no time left for what you like doing can make you resentful.  Wanting something for yourself is not born out of selfishness nor is it reprehensible to feel that resentment. This resentment can, against your own best intentions, cause you to become angry, nasty, or withdrawn.
  • No time alone can put strain on your relationships. When you don’t have time to yourself it can cause conflict and stress with you and your loved ones and perhaps compound the causes of bulimia.
  • Not taking care of yourself can impact your health. Not having enough time means that there is probably no time for healthy exercise, proper breathing and rest, let alone taking the time to indulge in something you truly enjoy.

So what can you do for some ME Time?

Make it a ritual.  Assign some time each day to do something only for you.  It could be half an hour of walking or bike riding meditating, curling up with a good book, or time spent with a good friend. Indulge in occasional retail therapy, or just window shop to your heart’s content. The important thing is to make the time to do things that are just for YOU!

There is much you can do for yourself that will help you live a healthier life and which will also help in controlling a binge eating disorder.

So…what are you going to do now that you know about Me Time?

Whatever you come up with do it now.  Do it for YOU.  You deserve it.