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My New 30 Day Challenge!

I’ve been newly inspired to start a 30 Day Challenge by a dear friend of mine as we were out on a hike this morning.  My friend Jenevieve (Jen) is stepping into a 30 Day Challenge for herself where she’ll be working on self-care; putting her needs first in her mind, taking care of herself so she has more to give (her kids/loved ones) and serve people better.  She’s a dynamo and I’m so excited to be entering into this 30 day challenge with her.

I’m stepping up to my 30 Day Challenge which is to replace my negative self-talk and limiting beliefs that sound like, “I don’t know how to sell anything” or “I can’t sell anything.

Surround Yourself With People Who Have Dreams Desires and AmbitionBoth are bullshit and have been holding me back for decades and I’m saying ENOUGH!


As a lifelong habit hacker and teacher of how to replace bad habits with success habits I am so excited to take on this challenge!

I’ve been wanting to create my own products for years and have let these little limiting beliefs and thoughts that I created when I was six years old keep me playing small.

Not any more! 

My bad ass self is aware of what’s going on and is stepping up to turn all of this around. NOW.

Here’s how you can join us, share your support and get support in return:

  • JOIN ME! I would love it if you’d join me in my 30 Day Challenge by choosing an area of your life that you’re frustrated with or just aren’t seeing the results you want and know you need to change.  What’s that thing you need to do or what’s the area of your life that’s ready for a change now? Click and share it on my Facebook post NOW.
  • SUPPORT ME! – my commitment to my friend Jen (and now you!) is to post a video every day on Facebook of what I’m learning, my progress, and all of the insights I’m applying into my life. If you join me in this 30 day challenge, let’s support each other so share on my page what you’re learning and how you’re growing, too. Let’s have fun with it!
  • LET’S GO LIVE! – I’m planning to do a weekly live call on Facebook using Go Live (have you seen this in action?) I’ll do a Go Live every Friday through the end of the year.  The first one will be Friday, December 1st at 1:30pm PT (California)/4:30pm ET (New York).  Each week will be at a different time on Friday so like my Facebook page now and I’ll announce when they’ll be through Facebook each week.  I expect to do other Go Lives this month spontaneously because this challenge has me newly invigorated and wanting to take massive action…so expect surprises along the way – I am!

Life Will Change When You Become Committed to Your DreamsI invite your support and welcome you to play with me.  I really could use your love and encouragement and participation and want this to be fun!

I hope you’ll join the Facebook Go Lives, like the posts, chat and ask me questions or let me know how you’re doing on your challenge.  If you’re not following my page yet, here’s the link:

Will you take a leap, too?

I hope so and let’s play!

With love light,


Life Will Change When You Become Committed to Your Dreams