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Occupy Your Mind – Let Your Power Out

The shift is happening.  The great awakening is happening.

Can you feel it?

People marching in the streets all over the world.  People are speaking out.  They are reminded of their power.

I attended an Occupy rally and march in my hometown today.  I live in a really small town in California and yet I could feel the power of the movement.  The people who were a part of the march, the people along the streets as we marched, the people who drove by and honked.

They were all aware of what we were up to.  We were up to expanding consciousness.

I’m so grateful to be conscious of my own consciousness at this time in the world.  I believe all of life is awakening to itself.  To the power that lives within each of us.  The power we all have to create a reality of our own.

Why am I posting about this on my blog? Because I believe all of recovery from bulimia and eating disorders is really about becoming conscious.  Becoming aware of what we’re doing to ourselves, our friends, our life and making a choice to live how WE want to.  Instead of allowing the addiction to run us (1%), we allow our consciousness (99%) be our guide.

I have to admit I don’t believe the Occupy movement is correct in being explained by 99%/1%.  That distinction actually creates separateness, powerlessness and blame.  Instead, I think we’re all 100% responsible for our life, our reality and the outcomes we experience.

It’s not my addiction’s fault that I’m not happy.  That I don’t have any friends.  That no one loves me.  It’s my lack of consciousness and connection to my inner self, spirit, God or the universe that keeps me feelings separate.  Keeps my addiction alive.

As a recovered addict, I don’t believe there’s a 1%/99% situation. I believe there’s a wholeness about the world.  It’s my fault if I let something happen to me.  I actually created it in vibration and brought it about because of my focus and attention to it.

I am a recovered bulimic.  I have the power to create my own reality. I am not the 99%.  I am the 100%.  I chose recovery.  I choose happiness.