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My October Vision Board Theme – Focus and Allowing

This month on my bulimia blog my theme is about The Art of Allowing.  I’ve been a student of Abraham-Hicks for many years now and I love learning more and more about myself, the Universe/Source, and how to fulfill the purpose of my life.

A lot of what Abraham talks about is The Law of Attraction and they teach the creative process as a three step process. As I understand the process it goes something like this:

  • ASK – Step 1 is to ask for what you want.  Ask who?  Ask Source (or your higher Self) for what you want.  Honestly, we can’t help but ask as we walk through our day.  In fact, the contrast (yucky stuff) in our life causes us to naturally ask for an improved circumstance.  When you’re talking to a co-worker you don’t like or your Mom has done something that upsets you, you instantly ask (vibrationally) for an improved circumstance.  You ask for a kinder version of them.  You may say a little prayer “God, please let this get better” to yourself or, just by the vibration of your being, you ask for something different.  Step 1 moments happen every day wherever we go.  That’s how we go about creating our Vortex…or the improved version of ourselves.  Asking is the first step in our never-ending expansion of Self.
  • IT IS DONE – Step 2 is not your work. This is where Source becomes what we want instantly.  It is immediate, complete and a perfect match for what we just asked for.  This step happens without us doing anything further.  I know what you may be thinking…if this happens instantly, why are they still here upsetting me?  Or where’s my stuff?  Or something like this.  The only reason you don’t have an instant manifestation of what you want is because you’re not a vibrational match to what you asked for and Source just became.  You’ve got your focus on the stuff in Step 1 still.  That’s where Step 3 comes in.
  • ALLOW – Step 3 is The Art of Allowing.  There are many ways to describe what happens here. Here’s a video about the creative process and allowing.  I believe allowing is: appreciation, joy, knowing, and all around being happy and doing whatever feels good.  Doing whatever it takes to feel the well being all around you and feel uplifted in the moment.  Raising your vibration to the state of Source that you’re a natural match to.  Moving up your emotional scale towards your higher vibrational emotions. From Liz Green’s Emotional Scale
    The Law of Attraction Queen

Ok, got a little off track there with what the creative process is all about, but I wanted you to know how I see allowing so it make some sense with my theme this month.

Last month, my vision board theme was balance and joy.  I really needed a break after I got a bit overwhelmed with work and my blog and we moved into a new home.

This month as I felt my way into my theme for October I realized that part of my theme from my birthday wish (being a deliberate allower) was what this month was to be about.  I recognized that last month was a slowing down, stepping back, taking a look at who I was being and who I wanted to be in the future.  I was running like a rat in a maze and that was only going to bring me more mazes to run.

As I feel my way into October this feels like a month for putting my attention on my emotional guidance system (my felt-sense), what I want most in my short and long term horizon.  I am getting more and more clear about what I’m intending and manifesting for 2013.  I can’t share all of my plans just yet, but they’re big and exciting.  I do look forward to telling you about what my vision for the next 2-3 years entails, but for now let’s say it’s something I’ve been dreaming about for nearly 20 years.

I get so excited just thinking about it now – yippeee!

[Sorry, don’t mean to be a tease.  Just can’t say anything yet about what’s in the works.]

Back to the theme.  Allowing.  Yes.  The Art of Allowing.

Here’s something that I hear often in Abraham’s videos:

Be satisfied in your now and eager for what’s next.

That’s the perfect state of being in the present and allowing your future (vibrational reality) to call you forth.  I feel like it’s sort of a dance between liking what you have in your life and so looking forward to what you want to have come about next.  I’ve found when I’m dismissing or unhappy about what’s happening and making all the things around me wrong, I only hold onto that which I don’t want.

Funny thing about an inclusive Universe – there is ONLY attraction.  You can’t say “I want this not” because your attention on it will only bring more of it to you.  You can say “I want more of this please” and you’ll get more of whatever this is.  Attraction based  laws mean that what you focus on and what you feel about something is what you bring about into your life.

How I’m playing with all of this right now is in my 68 second power sessions.  Abraham says it takes 68 seconds of pure thought to bring about the power that creates worlds and to manifest what we want to feel in our life.  The process involves feeling your way into what you want.  I am spending at least 68 seconds each day in the areas of relationship (one session) and work (second session).  All I do is sit down or pause when I’m in a good feeling place, close my eyes and imagine the vision of what my life looks like when that is my reality and feel excited about that in my life.  I’m living as if it’s my reality now.

The great part of practicing focus and allowing is that I’m joyful and peaceful in my now and excited because I’m loving the feeling it gives me when I look for evidence of my focus and vibration showing up.  As Abraham says, you don’t want to do the 68 seconds to get something out of it, but you can’t help but feel good when you spend time focusing and visualizing what you want in your life.  Then I go about my day and feel as happy as I can in my now.

This month I shared my vision board with my husband because a lot of what I created and identified on the vision board were things we would enjoy doing together.  I shared my vision board with him as if it was our now reality and he was totally excited about it, too.  That’s when sharing your vision with someone can add unto your vibration.  I don’t share my boards with people who wouldn’t appreciate them or who would say “that’s not possible”.  It is my experience that anything and everything I put on my vision boards comes into my life.  I mean that with all my heart.

Is any of this making any sense?  I’m sort of rambling here, but I felt so much that I wanted to write a post about my vision board and to share the creative process I enjoy practicing so much.  I want everyone in the world to experience what I experience every day.  Pure joy and optimism about each day.

May your day be filled with lots of step 1 moments and may you deliberately join me in practicing the art of allowing.  Not because we want to manifest stuff, but it feels so darn good catching up with the “ME” we’ve become.