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The Path is Being Laid Out for You – Lessons 5 of 7 from Abraham-Hicks Workshop

I’m excited to share with you lesson 5 of what I learned from my first Abraham-Hicks workshop.

Yesterday my energy, and post, was weird how it unfolded.  But that’s how it goes sometime. It’s good to be back on my high-flying disc.

Today, I’m ready to rock the house and let loose on this super important lesson – one of my favorites.  If you’re starting with this post as your first, be sure to check out the others in this series:

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Lesson 5: The path is being laid out for you.

Lesson 6: Stop beating yourself up for where you are.

Lesson 7: You get rid of doubt by not having it.

Lesson 5 – The Path is Being Laid Out for You

I absolutely loved loved loved the distinctions Abraham taught during the workshop about our path.  There were numerous levels to this one aspect, so I’ll do my best to convey them here to you.

You Can’t Get Off Your Path

I can remember attending a T. Harv Eker workshop years ago called “Life Directions”.  It was about finding your purpose and mission in life.  The workshop was awesome. I walked away with tons of distinctions and new energy that guided me along my life in a positive direction.

One of the questions I was working on at that time of my life was “what’s my life’s purpose?  I think we all ask ourselves that once in life…some of us ask it constantly (aka “am I doing my life right?”).

One of the ah-ha’s I got from an Abraham video awhile back was “we can’t get off our path”. Ha!  To think that most of us are out there searching for our life’s purpose...our path…our reason for being.  When Abraham said that we can’t get off the path was so foreign to me at the moment, but when it sunk in it totally resonated.

I like to think in metaphors and this idea seems to me like how our shadow is connected to us. Your shadow is with you wherever you go (having a personal visual of Peter Pan sewing his shadow on at the moment…ha!).

If you look at life as a journey, a course we take from one period (birth) to the end (death) then everything in between is our path.  There is no path we’re “supposed to be on” other than the one we designate for ourselves.

It was so refreshing to learn that we can’t get off the path.  That makes everything we are being and doing now (and in past) purposeful.  I believe that there is no master purpose we were put here on the planet to fulfill and it’s our job to seek out that purpose and not give up until we fulfill it.

Wait, I think we do have a purpose.  It’s called being happy and expanding into more.  But hey, we can’t help but do that if we follow our path according to Abraham.

You’re Getting Hotter

If we’re always on our path then what the hell are we supposed to be heading towards?  What’s the purpose of being here?  Why are we here?  Ok, I’m not going to take that one on even though I do have an answer, but I’ll save it for another post.

Allow me to share another situation from the Abraham-Hicks workshop.  As Abraham was talking with this guy about perfect timing she told the story of Jerry and Ester playing the hot or cold game with their granddaughter.  If you remember the game as a kid…someone would hide the prize somewhere in the room.  Then, people would walk around the room trying to find the prize.  The person who hid the prize would give them hints if they were getting closer by saying “you’re getting warmer…warmer…warmer…you’re getting hot…hotter” and so on until they found the prize. If they were getting away from the prize they would say “you’re getting colder…colder” and that was your signal to go in the other direction.

Having played this game a lot as a kid I know it really works!  So, here’s how this ties in to your path.  [oh this is so fun to share with you!]

Source or the Universe or God or whatever you believe in has what you want in your vortex – the prize.  The things, the money, the health, the relationships, the houses or whatever you want held in your vibrational reality ready to be revealed to you.  You’ve been putting all of the things you want in your life into this vibrational reality and they exist and Source knows where they are.

Your path to finding what you want is like the hot or cold game.  When you’re thinking about that thing you want and pondering how to get there if you’re feeling good you’re on the path. If whatever you’re focused on relating to that thing you want makes you feel bad or less than good you’re getting off the path.  You’re always on the path, you just get a little sideways of it sometimes.  Your emotions let you know how you’re doing.

You’re getting hotter and hotter comes when you’re feeling love, happiness, ease, clarity and so 0n.  You’re getting colder and colder when you’re feeling sadness, anger, frustration, overwhelm, exhaustion, struggle and all those other negative feelings.  Those feelings signal you’re off course and you want to adjust what you’re thinking/feeling about so you stay on the path.

Is This Right?  Is this My Path?

The other thing that shook me up when Abraham shared was the notion that while we think our path should be a straight line as quickly as possible it’s not always unfolding that way.

The Universe knows everything you want in life – like all of it – and is lining it up at our door.

When our path looks crooked and it goes here and we meet someone and there and experience something we didn’t expect it’s because that stepping stone on our path achieves something else we wanted.

It takes us closer to ALL the things we want in our future, not just that one little thing we’re focused upon.  The journey, the curvy path is filled with goodies all along the way that we asked for and are leading us to the next goodie and the next.

What I took away from that was stopping the habit I’ve had of looking at things that show up along the way as obstacles or setbacks.  Instead, they’re actually things that are helping me in some way.

Here…quick example that just happened yesterday actually.  I took a trip to Florida last month for business. On the way home my luggage took a different route and ended up arriving a day later.  At the time I was like “what’s wrong here” – actually because I’ve been a student of this work the first thing I said was “I wonder what’s trying to happen here?”

Yet, I know the first thing most of us would say when our luggage doesn’t arrive is “that sucks”.  I went with it.  My laptop was in the bag and I had my IT guy set me up with a temporary laptop so I could check emails until the luggage arrived.  It turned up the next day, I gave the laptop back and worked on my usual one thereafter.

Yesterday, I was doing a search through my deleted files looking for an email a client sent me a few months ago.  I couldn’t find any emails older than about a month.  The IT guy said we’d switched to deleting deleted emails permanently now after 30 days.  Shocker!  I had always deleted things thinking they’d be there like an archive if I ever needed them.

The silver lining was he showed up with the laptop I used temporarily which had actually downloaded all of my email history onto.  Low and behold he was able to restore all of my email history from that temporary laptop.

As the IT guy was walking out of my office he said “now that’s the best story of lost luggage I’ve ever heard of.  You just got all of your email history back because you lost your luggage.”  I chuckled because somehow I knew that story was actually going to turn into a blog post…and here we are.

Let’s just say that what seems like a hurdle, setback or getting off track may actually be the Universe taking care of the bigger picture of things we really want and don’t have the capacity to see the whole picture.  In the moment my luggage caught another flight I sure didn’t think the end result was going to be me having my email backup restored when I thought I lost it all.  For goodness sake I couldn’t have choreographed that!

Your Inner Compass

I’ll wrap this lesson up with one last idea that actually speaks to what I started talking with you about.

Your emotions are your compass.

Let that one sink in for a moment…

If Source is holding true to all that we want in our lives and our emotions are our guidance then you hold within you an inner compass.  Your emotions are your compass that helps you to know if you’re on track or getting off in the weeds.

The more coaching I do these days, even for friends and family, I find myself reminding people of their own inner compass.  You’re being guided along your path by your emotions.  Source is beaming out the signal to light up the path before you. The path is being laid at your feet – there’s no need for you to go in search of your path.  Just feel your way to your path.  Hotter. Colder. Hotter. Colder.

When friends and clients ask me what they should do about a situation they’re facing the first thing I say is “what does your inner compass tell you?”  It’s about checking in with your emotions and how the outcome or decision to go one way or the other makes you feel.

If doing something or choosing something makes you feel alive and happy, then boy gosh you should do it!  If the choice makes you feel bad or sad, then don’t choose that.  Nothing is worth feeling badly for…it’s taking you off your path.

Your emotions are your inner guidance and you can trust them.  I think they’re as accurate as the polarity that guides a compass north.  Once you learn what your emotions are signaling through trial and learning, you’ll get better and better at reading the emotional signals.

It takes practice to tune into your inner compass, but you can do it.  It’s something I hope you’ll consider becoming a student of.  Learning how to read your emotions and the signals from within can serve you soooo much.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed this lesson and love sharing this with you.  Onward and upward!

Please be sure to share your comments below and stay tuned for the entire series.

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With love and light,