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Allowing Good to Flow Today

Today is another good day.  I received a call a little earlier from our realtor that our offer was accepted on a home we want to buy.  That’s really exciting news after having tried to buy a house for more than six months.  The relief of having the house in escrow is met by a silent sense of…“holy crap!”

We haven’t moved in four years and before that we moved quite a bit.  I remember when we moved here saying,“let’s just stay put for awhile”.  My memories of moving are quiet right now, but I’m sure they’ll come flooding back to me as we begin to pack and get things in order.

I don’t know whether you’ve read my posts over the past few days, but I’ve been talking about how for the past week I’ve really been present to how I feel.  I’ve been practicing being either at peace or higher on the vibrational scale.  Rolling with whatever comes along and choosing to be happy inside and see the good around me.
[polly_newsletter_form] I honestly believe my inner work over the past few weeks (more recently) around my attitude, feelings and what I’m focusing on are really paying off in terms of physical manifestations.  This house is just one of many I am seeing show up each day.  Ok, this is the biggest one, but it feels completely natural that it’s happening.  Abraham talks about how when that which we want and think about for a really long time, but feels out of reach when it finally comes into our experience it feels like the next step.  Like no big deal.  Not that buying a house isn’t a big deal, but the realization that it’s happening seems pretty normal and relaxed.

Spiritual Warrior Work

The other thing I wanted to share about today has to do with my call with a friend and eating disorder therapist I’ve met this year.  We’re collaborating on an eating disorder recovery mentoring program right now.  Our call today was for us to begin to explore the content and title of the program.  Somewhere during the call the words “Way of the Spiritual Warrior” came into the mix.  I lit up!

If you’ve read Dan Millman’s book Way of the Peaceful Warrior you can relate.  If not, I highly recommend it.  One of the top 10 personal development books I’ve ever read hands down.


Anyway, back to the Spiritual Warrior concept.  When Maira and I started talking about what we want to share and teach about we just knew that anyone attracted to a program we would offer would be interested in a greater spiritual awareness of themselves and consciousness all around them.  I can’t say if that will be the title of the program, but it’s definitely going to be a basis of the mentoring.  Oh I can hardly stand it.  The personal transformation that I expect to happen in the course of the mentoring program is gigantic….as all personal transformation often is.

Well, tonight I’m going to bed dreaming of our new house and looking forward to all the good that continues to flow into my life.  And in yours…I wish great love for you.

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