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The Process of Emotionalization: The Secret to Allowing Your Dreams to Come True

My friend’s plane returning home from San Diego

I visited beautiful San Diego for an internet marketing conference two weeks ago. It was a spectacular trip and I want to share a powerful insight I had when I got home because I think it could be useful to you.  I also took some nice pictures from my trip so I’ll share a few of them here (and the rest I’ll upload to this page just ’cause it’s fun!).

Before I get started, let me ask you…

Do you have a vision board?  A vision board can be online or offline (here’s my vision board on Pinterest if you’re curious what it could look like online).

My 2014 Vision Board

A vision board is usually a collection or collage of images, quotes, sketches or items that emote inspiration for you to live into your dreams. I really take vision boards to a new level (per a few of my friends) because I have the space in my office.  I have two walls with collages of images that I add to during the year.

Generally speaking I create a new vision board at the new year when I do new dreaming for what I want to allow into my life in the next 12 months.
Partial Vision Board 2013

When I created my vision board last month I filled it with various photos I’d collected from magazines I had around (I save them up so I have lots come vision board time!).

I posted images that tied in with the areas that are most important to me and reflected how I want my life to unfold.  The areas I included on my board were:

Health and fitness



Lifestyle (includes travel and adventures)

Inspirations (quotes that uplift me to be my most amazing self)

Feminine  (images of women who inspire me to be my most feminine essence – an area I’m wanting to grow a lot in the next several years)

What’s super cool is what happened when I came back from my trip.  I don’t look at my vision boards every day (but you and I should!).  In any case, I came home from my trip and was putting things away in my office and I looked over my board.  I glanced at a picture that I hadn’t even really remembered particularly cutting out at the time.

Little Italy in San Diego on My Vision Board (small clip next to the one that says Happiness Lives)

But as I looked at it more closely it looked super familiar all of a sudden. You see when I was in San Diego I stayed at a hotel one of my BFF’s works at called the Porto Vista.  Nice place, great views (I’ll share a few pictures of their rooftop restaurant/bar – amazing place to enjoy happy hour and watch the sun set over the harbor).

What caught my attention in the magazine clipping on my vision board was the sign in the picture that said “Little Italy”.  I somewhat recall when I was cutting it out that it said San Diego in little letters and I thought it looked like a nice place.  I didn’t even focus too much on it at the time because I already knew I was going to San Diego this year.  But I didn’t realize I was going to exactly that part of San Diego.  I’d never even heard of Little Italy.

San Diego is huge and sprawling.  But the hotel I stayed at, most of the restaurants and places I hung out when I wasn’t in the conference where in freakin’ Little Italy. No kidding!  The hotel was in the heart of Little Italy and I didn’t even realize that was what I’d put on my vision board a few weeks before.

Here’s the cutout from my board and the picture from my camera (I could have taken a picture of that sign a dozen times while I was there and just happened to snap it once cause I was texting it to a friend that night.)

From My Camera – Little Italy Sign in San Diego Little Italy in San Diego (close up) on My Vision Board









I don’t think so.



I think it’s part of that divine universal support that comes to us because we set our intentions on it and allow it to unfold.

The Emotionalization Process: My Secret to Manifesting My Dreams

I want to teach you a little known secret to purposefully manifesting your heart’s desires that most people haven’t figured out yet.  Perhaps you’ve heard of creating a vision board before.  Perhaps, like me, you’ve set goals most of your life – achieving a lot of what you set out to do.  The trap there is that if you’re hitting all of your goals your goals are too small.  You should not be hitting them all or you’re playing a life of comfort and reasonable.  Not very inspiring.  I want you shooting for the moon with your goals.  You should be achieving a lot or most of them, but if you don’t have goals that scare the crap out of you, you’re living inside your comfort zone most of the time.

Austin Powers Yeah ba-by!

Ok, back to the secret….

The secret to achieving and receiving the things you want is this:

EMOTIONS ba-by! [had to say that for a little Austin Powers fun!]

I’m talking passion!  I’m talking excitement!.  I’m talking a crazy-burning desire!  I’m talking ferocious focus and deep intrinsic knowing that builds a well of fire in your belly and stirs the cells in your body into action/attraction mode.

I call this process EMOTIONALIZATION.  It’s adding emotional energy to your visions.  You manifest much more rapidly when you’re using your emotional, energetic body than you do just thinking about or visualizing what you want.

As you already know, our bodies are made up of trillions of energetic elements called atoms.  Those atoms vibrate and send off signals based upon what you’re focused upon.  You can intentionally call your energy bodies into action when you focus on what you want with intense desire, stir up your emotions, and really embody the feelings of having the things you most want in your life as if they’re already in your life.  The emotions you want to tie to your visions or intentions should be things like passion, eagerness, knowing, clarity, confidence, abundance and last, but not least, appreciation or love.

When you feel these intensely positive emotions in your body you activate your ability to attract what you want to you much more rapidly. I have taken to writing out my intentions in the form of stories lately and reading them every morning with excitement and enthusiasm.

I grab my notebook of stories, I storm around the room with excitement and passion, and I get my whole body into the act. I use hand gestures, facial gestures, and overall I try to sing (or shout) the story into the world as if I’m giving the Universe a command.  The enthusiasm and energy in my body while I’m doing it and right afterward is intoxicating. I feel so alive and like I want to jump up and down because I can feel the joy of having these things in my life now.

And you know what’s the bonus of this practice or process?

I’m feeling it all NOW!

Let’s let that sink in for just a moment.

[pause.  breathe.  breathe.  listen.]

Ok now let me say it again…

I’m feeling everything I want NOW!!

Do you realize what that means? Really means about the power of this process?

I like to think of it as avoiding the pitfall of “someday” living.  Someday living is living for the things we want some-day.  Some day I’ll have X.  Some day I’ll enjoy Y.  Some day I’ll be with X.  And why do we want these things?  Because we think we’ll feel better in the having of them.  We think we’ll be happier, healthier, more loving and joyful if these things would just come to us.

Well, guess what?

You’ve just taken a short cut to those feelings!

By working this emotionalization process you’ve brought all those feelings you want to feel some day into your to-day. Into your NOW reality.  You don’t have to wait until your lover is in your bed, you’re living in your dream home, you’re traveling on that exotic vacation to feel all of those wonderful emotions.

You can feel them now.  In fact, you can feel them every single day.  And I hope you will give this a try so you can.  I’ve been practicing this story telling, emotionalization process for some time now and I feel like I’m living such a blessed and amazing life.  I get to feel all those great emotions every single day.

And you can, too.  You’ve just got to get started.

If you will sit down, create your vision board, wake up each morning and do this emotionalization process you can begin to feel the emotions of everything you think you want now.  And the more you begin to feel those emotions in your now and align with their energy, the faster those things you want have to come to you. It is using the law of attraction to be a deliberate creator.

Universal Forces are Taking Care of  Things for You

One more thing I’d like to share with you today.

I had an ah-ha moment the other morning as I was driving into my office.  The morning was peaceful, I was watching the epic sunrise as I drove through the fertile valley between my home and the office.  As I drove I had this delicious sense of peace come over me.  Then I had the thought “the Universe really is taking care of everything FOR me”.

I liked that idea so I drank it in and nurtured it more with emotions and felt into how great that thought felt.

It felt like security.

It felt like love.

It felt like abundance.

It felt like being taken care of [endlessly].

It felt free.

It felt infinite as I pondered how much the Universe had my back.  I literally allowed that idea to fill my mind with other supportive thoughts until every cell in my body was realizing how much power was in the world making sure things always turned out for me.  Every cell in my body felt completely safeSecure.  Guided and protected from any harm in that moment.

What I did with that moment was allow it to shift my paradigm and start to really trust it and believe, then live into it.  I mean…

What if the Universe really was taking care of everything for me?

I left that thought stir in my emotional energy systems all the way to work.  I did my work that day, but in the back and underlying everything I was doing I had this sense…this inner knowing that things were being orchestrated FOR me.  That went on for a few days and it’s been really amazing watching what signals and signs this really is the case come to my awareness.

You see, I think we sometimes forget how much orchestration really goes on day to day to make our lives match our vibration or attitude.  I see it much more clearly how things fall into place so beautifully when I’m out of my normal routine.  When I go on vacation I have come to trust that everything will work out for me.  I have the most incredible occurrences happen on every trip that I get truly excited whenever I leave home.

What I am reminding myself…and you now, too…is that this same amazing and synchronistic unfolding is happening for us each and every day.  It just doesn’t seem so spectacular because it looks like our usual life.  That’s ok.  What I want us to remember is just because the magic may look like the familiar, doesn’t make it’s any less amazing. [tweet that!]

Two Thoughts for Your Week

I’d like to leave you with two things to practice and begin to nurture in your heart this week (and I hope you’ll enjoy it so much you’ll try it on for the next 30 days!).

Vision Board – if you don’t have a vision board, please jump on Pinterest or grab some magazines and a poster board and create one.  I promise you what you put on your board will show up in your life some day.  So why wouldn’t you grab some beautiful images that inspire and uplift you to see how cool this emotionalization process can be?  If for no other reason that looking at your beautiful images and future manifestations will make you feel good in the moment.  Remember, where focus goes energy flows and results show.  What you focus on with emotional energy must come to you.  It is law!

Everyday Magic – begin to notice the everyday magic and miracles that are happening all around you.  The timing of finding a great parking space, thinking of a friend and they text or call you, getting a check in the mail you didn’t expect, finding money on the ground, a beautiful sunrise or sunset that you would have missed if you had been just 10 minutes earlier or later in that spot.  The Universe is completely focused on you every single moment of your existence; it never stops sending you blessings, never takes a break, and never takes its focus off of your desires.  When you notice the things working and coming to you, you actually activate your awareness and will begin to notice it even more.  So fun!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my share for today – it’s been really fun letting you in on all that is working and coming to me.

Type in your comments below and let me know if you’re experiencing this in your life or how you plan to take what I’ve taught you and put it into practice.

I look forward to hearing from you!